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How Know a Man Does Not Love You

Updated on May 7, 2015

Being in love with someone who really doesn’t love you hurts so much. You better off single than being in a relationship with a man who doesn’t care about you. Here are some ways you can use to tell if he is not that into you.

He never listens to you
When a man loves a woman he will always listen to her and pay attention to what she says. If he does not agree with her, he will let her know his opinion in a good way and not just ignoring her.

He never calls you
If he is into you, he will at least take some time and give you a call even though he could be having a tight schedule at work. He would spend at least some few minutes to call and find out how you are doing. If your man never gets time to find out how you are doing, then he is not that into you.

Finds excuses of not coming to see you
Believe me ladies, if a man wants to see you, he will no matter how busy he is. If he finds excuses of not coming to see you then he doesn’t really care about you. Never defend him on some matters when he makes a promise and fails to deriver it. A man will always find time to see the one he loves no matter the circumstances.

He is not respectful
A man will always respect the woman he loves. If he treats you like a no body then just know he is not that into you and not interested in you. Even soldiers and people considered to be tough respect their women. If he doesn’t respect you, find your way out and stop wasting time with a man who even doesn’t care about your feelings.

He cheats on you
It’s so hard to find a man who loves his woman dearly cheat on her. Even though it is temptation, he will try hard and resist for the case of the woman he loves. If your man is the kind who cheats on you and sleeps around with almost every woman, then move on. He is not in love with you.

Though it hurts leaving the person you love, sometimes no matter how hard you try to do whatever he wants and be good to him, if a man doesn’t love you he is then just not into you, stop thinking that by sticking around he will change. Just move on and stop wishing for things that are never going to be. Don’t stick on a man who doesn’t love you. There so many men out there who are single and would like to have a woman like you.


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    • showuright profile image

      showuright 6 years ago from Southeast

      Great points. Love is blind for lots of people, but intuition never lies.