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Writing a Love Letter may Help You Get the Person you Love

Updated on January 7, 2014

In this era of emails, instant messaging, and chatting through the use of technology, it is easy to send messages directly to the person that you like. The fast, convenient and instant answers that you can easily get with the use of technology can gratify your feelings right away, provided, the person that you send such love notes to, feels the same way as you do.

The traditional love letters, which people in the past used to do, with their elegant hand writing is gone. Snail mail is non-existent. And so with traditional romance. However, traditional as it seems, handwritten love notes will help you get the person that you like.

"A guy of 26, a Financial advisor received a lot letter from a girl who had a crush on him at middle school. The girl out poured her feelings about her burning love toward the guy and the guy was so touched that he could not reject her. So they began dating after he received that letter"

The guy couldn't refused the girl because he was moved by the emotion in the love letter. Have you ever received a love letter? If you do, you can relate to this person.

Love letters may sound out of fashion and so traditional. Yet- if its one way to express your feelings toward the person, and get him/ or her, why not?

Why Love Letter is way too good than emails:

  • The notes and each word in the letter comes from the heart.
  • Sincerity and genuine feelings may be wholly expressed.
  • Your train of thought is only in the letter. And the one who read it may picture yourself writing on the desk or anywhere as you described in the letter.

Writing Love Letter is to Your Advantage, why?

When you write love letter to person that you have a crush on, it is more personal and really romantic. If you write to a girl, the girl would absolutely loved it. Girls like the idea of you, putting an effort to express your feelings. That means, you are very sincere to the person. Writing love letter may be outdated, but for sure, when you write love letter, privacy is maintained and the letter might be stored for longer years.

Well, its up to you though. You have choices. Either ways, emails or snail mail, as long as you can get him/her, go for it.


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    • RichusFridum profile image

      RichusFridum 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      absolutely right, writing makes it much more personal and profound

      good insight...