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How Many Reasons Are There To Love You

Updated on October 11, 2010

Love – a sweet melancholy that brings spring in our life when we fall in love. And I myself has got blessing of god, the best gift of god, which is your love. Well there is a little confusion that whether it is a gift to me that I have got the best gift that is love from you or the best gift that is you in form of love. All want some qualities in that person whom they love. But you have more than those qualities that I wanted. I fall in love by seeing these qualities in you which attract me to you. And I admit that for all these qualities which I have written below worked like a magnet which has made feel that I love you.

Your Caring Mentality – You are the one who makes me feel how much do you care for me. Your behavior shows me that you always think about me may be that you never said verbally but your every gestures tell all about your caring mentality. You always try to make me happy, always think about what I like or dislike, and also listened to me very carefully, you always see whether I am getting upset or not. You always take care of that whether your any act hurts me or not.These all show how much you bother for me.

Your Sense Of Humanity –You think mostly about your closed people, how to make them happy, how much you encourage me when I am in problem. When something happen wrong, u always stay beside of me to support. You always help me to think positively, and also show the positive aspects of a negative thing. You make me feel to trust you that even the world go against me, you are the person who will always stay beside of me, to boost me, to fight with the others. You will become my strength to solve all my problems. You always hold my hand to give me a mental support, when the world was against of me, u were always there to support me at the time of survival. Your presence silently said that, hey I am here always with you; I will never be apart from you whatever situation comes, whatever to face.

Your Logical Mentality – Well I am very proud to say that I have never seen a person who is more logical than you or at least logical as you. It is a sign that you are unique, different from others. You always try to accept things with proper logical significance. Although I myself is not that much logical but I have always seen that you always keep a balance between your emotions and your logical thinking. You know very well which one should think logically and which one to take emotionally. You use to think very deeply about a thing, you always give importance to my every word, to whatever I think. And analyze that matter logically with having proper emotions and feelings also.

Your Intelligence – Well it is very shameful that I myself is not that much intelligent but I must say that your intelligence is one of the reasons to love you. You can easily understand a thing, or meaning of something which I often cannot be able to. You can recognize anything within a very short time and your reorganization also become right and that surprise me a lot that how do you understand that thing so easily. Sometimes it has seen that I couldn’t be able to express my feelings properly but u caught that perfectly which shows that I have someone who can understand my words without saying any thing. I thank to God that I have got you in my life.

Your Compassion – Well I have always seen a compassionate heart of yours when I use to go outside of home with you. You have a heart for the poor people so whenever a beggar comes to you; I have seen you giving that person money. You cry for the people who are going through a tough situation. You have a sympathetic mind which beats for every one , you always put yourself on that situation through which a person is surviving and try to explain its reasons, how to solve it or try to see the ways to get relief from the situation. You never want that one get hurt by you. You always think for others even about them once who hurt you.

Your Possessiveness – Well that is a thing what I wanted most into my beloved one. I have satisfied to get you as my beloved one. Whenever someone else touches me I have seen that you feel jealous, feel sad, you never want to share me with others. You always want that your love should be yours only and this is one of the things that attracts me very much towards you. The way you protect me is the best way that no one can ever do. Even you also get possessive when someone use to behave badly with me, that touches you a lot and also shows that you cant bare that anyone will shout on me. To you, you will have the absolute right on me. Because of I am only yours. You can’t tolerate someone else underestimating me. You have proper respect for me. You admire me. This is also a reson that I love you.

Your Strong Mentality – I become so surprised how could you be so strong? Well I am still learning from you on this matter. In every up and down you never give up hope, you never stopped but you handle the situation very nicely. You always give others strength to be strong when time is going against of them. For doing this one should have strong personality that I found in you. You tackle every situation very intellectually. You are always been able to find out the right thing through which a problem can be solved. And your boldness to take risks in life and the way you overcome it. You always clarify the reason of the problem that why did that occur, who is guilty for this and always try to find out the alternative way to give it a positive look, to solve the problem, in every problem you came forward in spite of that you are not guilty. You always showed that you are interested to keep, to continue this relationship. That also shows about your strong mentality that you never gave up hope and also shows your love towards me.

You Are A True Person – You are really a true person who has the guts to say the truth in spite of the thing may go against you. That is one of the reasons why I trust you most. You say directly what you feel. It shows that you don’t hide anything from me. You say always that what you can do and what you do. You are clear from your heart. I know as much as you told me about your feelings, no one else could do so. You use to think that your truth may hurt me or anyone else but in spite of that also you never hide anything as hiding anything is a counter part of saying lie to that person and that means showing something wrong which can distract the person. This also impressed me to love you.

You Make Me Feel Special – The way you love me, the way you attracts me towards you, the way you come close to me, make me feel always how much I am special to you. How much I mean to you. Your loving eyes which always say that you are mine. Your expression which silently says me that I am yours makes me feel always that I am the special one whom you love very much. When you hold my hands, when we walk by holding hand in hand, all time I feel your love for me. You use to spend times with me as much as possible for you in spite of that you have so many things to do, in spite of that you have other persons who also want your company, but u use to give time mostly to me. You never ignores my phone calls also, whenever I call you, whatever the situation may be either you receive my call or use to call me back. That also shows that how much I am special to you.

Your Sense Of Humour - Well it can undoubtedly said that you are a very humorous person. You know how to be always happy and make someone happy. Sometimes you show me something fumy or something amazing, whether it is an image or SMS or anything else, when I become online or when I spend time with you, you use to make me to laugh all the time either by showing funny incidents or by anything else. Sometimes your funny gestures also make me laugh a long time. You use tell me funny stories whether you have seen anywhere or listened. The way you enjoy your life with full of fun, also inspires me to live happily and to laugh.

You Are The Only One – You are the only one who is made for me. Some feelings cannot be said, because they are only to feel. And it is you who makes me feel that what is love, how to carry this relation and you are the only whom I can love. No one in my whole life I will find better than you. You are the person who gives me proper value, sometimes more than I deserve. You are the one who showed me that is why I love you

Here Are Some Love quotes only for you

"As you entered into my life

My life begins to spark with light.

You are my life, my guide

Thats why I feel so pride."

"You are the person whom I love the most

You are my guide, you are my host

You are my love, you hold me so tight

I am bright my love with your light."

"When i fall in live with you

I touched the beauty

When i got your love

I felt its essence

Love is the way of living and

My life is nothing without your presence."

"My heart beats only for you

I am nothing my love without you

I don't know what is the perfect way

To say how much I love you

But I can only say that '

My feeling is true for you."

"You have a heart,

I have mine too if they’re apart,

mine feels really blue if they’re really blue,

I don’t know what to do.

It’s just beats faster and faster!

Shouting I LOVE YOU !"

"When the time comes I can’t smile anymore,

don’t worry about me, I know what to do.

I’ll just stare at one corner and think of you.

No one else could make me happy like the way you do."

"I love the way you make me happy,

and the ways you show your care.

I love the way you say, ‘I Love You,’

and the way you’re always there."

"If you r in a dark room,

you find blood everywhere

and the walls are shaking

don’t worry my love,

u r at the safest place,

you r in my heart."

"Why do we close our eyes wen we sleep –

wen we dream, wen we kiss?

This is becoz the most precious thing in the world is unseen.

When i close my eyes i see you!"

"Let`s share the world. A sea is for you, and waves are for me. The sky is for you, and stars are for me. The sun is for you, and light is for me. Everything is for you, and you are for me…"

"Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I love you."


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 7 years ago from Wales UK

      Manasidas I loved your words they come directly from your deepest emotions, from your heart, both you & your boyfriend are well made for each other as of how you write about your feelings he makes you feel this way inside.

      For readers looking at your article it should remind them what true love really should be as you have broken down your article into steps concerning elements that are easy to understand & what should be expected from out of a relationship instead of many folk letting their ego get in the way over time.

      Thank you for sharing this I enjoyed reading also. it gave me things to consider, as it would other readers so I hope you spread your article far & wide.

      Respect to the love towards you & your lucky man. Dale

    • Manasidas profile image

      Manasidas 7 years ago from Kolkata

      hi Prasad, thanks for your comment, truly speaking my beloved special one, my boy friend inspired me a lot to write this. well you may know who is my boy friend if you properly see this article.

    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 7 years ago from Tumkur

      A poetic article. Congrats on the timidity in your language.

    • sudeep13582 profile image

      sudeep13582 7 years ago from Howrah

      Thanks for understanding... how am I