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How Much Time To Spend To Approach Woman?

Updated on January 4, 2011

Over the last 6 months I've been watching my friend approaching a woman to be his girlfriend. Six months is a very long time for someone to spend time to approach a woman. My own experience taught me that, 3 months would be the maximum limit, either you date her, or ditch her and move on.

Maybe She is not Into You

Being a men, I know how persistent men can be. Despite of all the cues telling us that she is not into me, man will change their approach, do more, or do something crazy with false hope that it will make her into me.

Being persistent might sometime works, but when after 3 months you still don't see those cues that she is into you, or you still have no confidence to ask her to be your girlfriend, maybe it is time for you to move on.

There are a lot of blog posting about the sign and telltale that she is into you, or NOT into you. Some of them can be found at the link to the right.

Maybe You are not Really Into Her

What? Are you crazy? I can't stop thinking of her day and night.

OK, so maybe she shows all the telltale that she is into you. But, if after 3 months, you still can't make yourself ask her to be your girlfriend, don't you think something is not right here?

Maybe you just enjoy her companionship. She is nice to chat with, share the same hobby of hunting new restaurant, doing same sport, so nice that you can't wait to give her a call in the middle of the night, just to share the perfect steak that you just eat for dinner.

But, having a girlfriend and having someone nice to hang out with is totally different, and your subconscious mind know that. Just give yourself another thought, do you really want her to be your girlfriend? Your wife maybe?

If the answer is no, then time to move on

Bottom Line

Time is money, and we only grow older. There are no point to approach a woman for more than 3 months. If you really into her and her into you, both of you should be dating each other inless than 3 months.

Otherwise? Move on, or you might miss the opportunity to find the right woman.

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