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How My Fiance and I Met and Stayed Together For As Long As Long As We Have

Updated on April 6, 2016

My Fiance and I Met In High School. I Was 15 he was 17. We met in the beginning of October and started dating November 8th of 2011. I was a sophomore he was a junior in High school. One day I was sitting with one of my friends and one of my guy friends came up to me with another guy. We started talking and getting to know each other every day. We saw each other for lunch every single day. We would talk about the things we loved to do outside and i side school. About a month after just being friends and getting to know each other he asked me to be his girl friend. I of course said yes. He was the cutest guy I've ever seen walk the hall ways. A year after dating my mom would start saying he's not good enough for you and you deserve someone better than him. My mom didn't make me dump him. She let me stay with him because i was 16 and had the choice of who I wanted to be with. She admitted she was jealous because she felt like he was taking me away from her. Which he would never do. My mom would randomly ground me for no reason and wouldn't let me see my boyfriend. I got upset and so did my boyfriend, but we stayed through it for almost two years. One day i got so mad i actually ran away and got caught and had to go to a group home fore 2 months straight. I missed my boyfriend so much and he missed me. We still talked because we loved each other and we wanted to be together.

my mom finally let me out of the group home a month and a half before i turned 18. She let me go live with my boyfriend. We were so happy to finally be together for once and for all. My mom didn't talk to me for months after and when she did she was really mean to us. She like hated us. But after a while she got over it and started talking a little.

The summer after I moved in with my boyfriend we found out I was pregnant. We were scared we didn't know what to do or to even think. But we were having a baby. We did everything we needed to. We moved into our own place. We got our own insurance, We Did everything we needed to do to have our beautiful baby. At about 21 weeks of pregnancy we found out we were having a baby girl. At 30 weeks we had a baby shower and then at 36 weeks i went into labor scared its to early for her to come now. We went to the hospital and they said "Hunny you're in labor". they didn't stop it. The doctors just sent me home fore two days. I came back two days labor to check again to see if my blood pressure has gone down and it didn't. They had to induce me. No matter what they did i wouldn't dilate. But boy was I in pain so i got the epidural to see if that help. It helped with the pain, but not so much the dilation. So my doctor decided we are going to do a c-section and thats what they did. on march 6th at 1:44pm i had my beautiful daughter. she was born at 6 lbs and 3 oz. she had some breathing troubles so she had to be intibated and sent to the nicu which was 2 hours away from where I lived. I couldnt even hold her. I was so sad and crying,scared for my daughter.

After a week in the niccu she came out and got to come home. We were so happy. Now our beautiful little girl is a little over 1 year of age. best gift we have even gotten in our lives. My fiance and I have made it through all this stuff and we are still together, You might be asking how we made it.

We made it by keeping contact. We always talked about our problems and even though we had tough situations we were there for each other one hundred percent. We always did the littlest things for each other even if we were mad at each other. We would make each other a snack or get a small drink. Small things are what mean the most in a relationship.


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