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How to Not Get a Boyfriend

Updated on July 2, 2013

If you are reading this hub for some reason you likely don’t want a boyfriend. Maybe you want to concentrate on school or work, perhaps you just got out of a bad relationship or maybe you just don’t want one. There are lots of reasons why women may not want a boyfriend. The reason really doesn’t matter keeping one’s self single is the goal. I’m definitely an expert on this and this is despite the fact that I am told I am pretty and a nice person by a number of people. I’ve examined what I do, have done some research and then just expanded on some obvious things to come up with a list of tips, that in no way insist you have to make yourself unattractive, swear off make-up, wear ugly clothes or forget everything you know about hygiene and grooming. This hub is both somewhat serious and humorous.

1. Don’t go out except for necessary activities:

This includes work, school/ university, medical appointments. You can still spend time with female friends just don’t go out to places that people look to meet potential partners at. The less you leave the house the better.

Try not to smile as much as this
Try not to smile as much as this

2. When out in public occupy your free time completely:

If traveling from point A to B on the bus listen to an iPod or other music player. You can also read at the same time to further occupy yourself or play games on your phone. Another good time to do this if you are in university or college is in between classes whether you are hanging out in the halls or in the library. Nothing says unapproachable like having your attention completely focused on everything except the world around you.

No matter what shoes your wearing your feet can conveniently become the most interesting thing in the world.
No matter what shoes your wearing your feet can conveniently become the most interesting thing in the world.

3. Don't Make Eye Contact

Don’t make eye contact with guys- look at the floor, the wall, anywhere but their eyes. Eye contact makes you seem friendly while none suggests you just don’t care.

4. Don't Speak to Guys:

Don’t speak to guys. At least unless it’s absolutely necessary: such as being partnered up by a teacher or professor (or you simply have male co-workers) for a project. If such an occasion occurs focus completely on the project you’re supposed to be working on, after all you’re not there to socialize. If you must speak to a guy for any other reason, such as he initiates a conversation give yes, no or short answers to any questions in attempt to end the conversation

Going to the Ladies Room is a much better way to hide.
Going to the Ladies Room is a much better way to hide.

5. Avoid Guys:

Avoid guys, especially those you are attracted to or that you think find you attractive. I was in and am in a position in which I and a guy I see in the hallway both seem to notice each other very often. I’ve received a wink, smiles, waves and even a stare with mouth open and I still insist on avoiding and refusing to respond. No talking though because I’m almost always following step 2. I still have yet to see a guy with the courage to try to talk to a girl with headphones in.

Not interested, I'm waiting for Mr. Famous
Not interested, I'm waiting for Mr. Famous

6. Compare Regular guys to the Unattainable:

If you compare the guys you see in normal life to a celebrity you like or a fictional character who is the perfect non-existent man it makes the regular guy seem way less appealing. If you are always comparing guys to a celebrity crush chances are they'll never come close to measuring up- of course this is partially because of the false flawlessness that we tend to project onto celebrity guys because we don't know them and can imagine them as perfect.


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