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How Social Media Affects Monogamy

Updated on March 28, 2016

What Is Love?

Love is typically the appreciation of someone for what you know they are and there actions can affect your personal feelings.

Well we are going to focus on romantic love.

Typically when you have an interest in another person its because you spent time getting to know who they are and it inspires lust, romance, etc.

With social media you can easily get to know someone and multiple people at once without even speaking to them. What they express in their profile, posts, photos, affects how you feel about them naturally.

Why Our Parents Tend to Stay Together Longer

Older generations didnt have access to so many people at once at the tip of their fingers constantly like we do today.

Their romantic relationship was formed by spending personal time with one another since that was the only way to interact. They typically didnt have all the time in the world to get to know anywhere near as many people as we do due to that. Its because they dont have personal connections with others to inspire other romantic relationships. They typically only know one another and thats why they are in love.

We Can Never Be Truly Monogamous

With getting to know one another being the inspiration to determine relationships, we are always reading others thoughts, seeing their face, and learning about them on our phones.


Developing romantic attractions to more than one person is basically inevitable.

Its not because people are not "faithful" or they are bad people. We grow connections with so many people so easily being romantically interested in multiple people is just a given.

But no one wants to share their significant other right?

The Difference Between Us and Our Parents

Society has a subconscious morality on monogamy. If you love more than one person your a whore, a cheater, player etc. Our parents typically gained a natural monogamous relationship between one another because they are all they knew at the time.

Now today we try to implement this as like a rule, a stipulation, our significant other must abide by. So instead of it being naturally developed we are more just choosing who we date out of our choices and forcing to go against your natural feelings to pursue monogamy.

So its monogamy by choice vs by feeling.

This mental perception of choice causes insecurities between lovers because subconsciously its not real. Its being driven by pure morality as the motive to stay faithful instead of it being legit feeling that way.

How To Inspire True Monogamy

Just being true with how you feel. Not staying with him or her because its "right". Not saying or settling for only one when you know its not how you truly feel. Instead of expecting your significant other to just be faithful as a choice, earn it.

Earn their natural feeling of desiring you.

Feelings are always changing so if you want your partner to love vs choose you have to inspire that in them. If they start slipping win them back. If you are developing feelings or interest in other people be honest and if they truly care about you they will try to earn it from you.

A gay person isnt gay by choice, so by that logic you cant help how you feel or who you love. But you can choose to be dishonest about it, to hide your self. It will leave you unsatisfied and ruin relationships overall for the worst with the subconscious animosity built up torwards your lover.

If you believe people stay faithful by mere choice and are morally required to do so then you will continue to fail in your romance. If someone cant accept how you truly feel about them and others around you then your chasing the wrong one.

Just be honest and dont hold morals above how you truly feel.


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