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How To Adapt To Living The Life Of A Single

Updated on April 29, 2015

A person who is yet to find a life partner is known to be a single. There are different types of singles, examples include; never-married, single by choice, divorced single, separated single and widowed single. There is no specific situation that applies to the life of every person who is single. The 20year old graduate is not yet married; including the 37year old woman who manages a big company in Texas is single, due to divorce; the 39 year old divorced father with two kids; the 84year old widow whose husband died of a heart attack is also a single. These are examples of various single hood situations.

One of the biggest problems of singles is the development of a circle of friends with whom to socially interact and thus help solve the hydra-headed worries of loneliness. To meet this problem today, many churches and faith groups, social organizations and clubs have created programs targeted at the singles. The singles will thereby use that same medium to network with other singles. This helps a great deal to solve the problem of loneliness.

Those who are married can come to the aid of the singles in visiting and interacting with them as time them as time and culture permits. The married couple can also help integrate them into the mainstream of social, economic, religious, and academic affairs so they have a sense of belonging.

Based on reasoning, it appears that for every man, there is a woman. Though it seems there are more women than men, the number of men available for marriage will go round. Still someone will be single either out of choice or situational.

The following suggestions to help the singles adapt especially to loneliness:

  • Take a chance: reach out and carefully tell people about your situation. If they know, they may be more willing to help you out.
  • Do not expect too much: go out with a view to socially interact with others and not always to find a perfect friend. If this approach of getting someone fails, the singles usually resort to more isolation.
  • Appraise yourself: find out for yourself what you have invested in and what the returns have been from single hood and what advantages have you derived from your unmarried state.
  • Depend on yourself: the notion of getting someone to complete you brings self-defeat to the way you think. It will have a bad effect in your way of reasoning. Trust in yourself for success and be sure to participate in those activities that bring you joy and relaxation.
  • Find an interest outside your comfort: there are activities that interest you and keep you happy, focus on them. It will help build your social skills and improve your level of communication with other singles. Avoid cutting yourself from others. Get involved in responsibilities. Be active get known for something good.
  • Belong to a community: it could be a religious organization, a sports club, an academic society or a charitable organization. Being happy lies in your own decision.


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    • rapture15 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from AFRICA

      Thanks so much. I'm glad and happy you voted, shared and pinned it. Thanks most importantly for stopping by to read my hub!

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 

      3 years ago

      Hello Rapture15. This was interesting I will keep it in mind but right now I have more important things on my list. Anyway I will definitely keep it in my mind. I voted up, shared and pinned it.



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