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How To Attract A Man for a Relationship: 9 Smart Ways You Can Do It

Updated on March 8, 2017

How To Attract A Man

If you are approachable, you can attract a man
If you are approachable, you can attract a man | Source

How to Attract a Man

What are some of the things you can do to attract a man’s attention , attract him like a magnet, so that he will begin a romantic relationship with you?

Attracting a man with body language, doing your hair well, observing good oral hygiene, and learning how to charm a man will make you attract any man you want.

Try to Get His Attention

To be able to attract a man, you first need to get his attention.

There are a variety of ways you can do this:

  • Look great. Make sure you dress in a manner that will flatter your figure so that you will look attractive. Disguise your bad points, and accent your good points.

You can accent your good points by making sure your clothes fit your frame well:

  1. If you have a pretty neck, you can bring it to attention by wearing a lovely necklace, or by putting on a nice African chain bead.
  2. If you have well-shaped shoulders, you can reveal it by a low neckline.
  3. If you have a small waist, you can show it off by wearing a contrasting belt.
  4. If you have a great and attractive bosom, accent it by wearing a draped, unadorned bodice.
  5. Beautiful hair or lovely eyes will be noticed better if the color is repeated in a lower intensity in the costume or jewelry. For example, if your eyes are black, put on dresses that have some shades of black in them.
  6. If your feet are attractive, you can make them look even greater when you wear colored shoes, for example a brown or red shoe, or when you wear a shoe that has a shiny decoration on it.

  • When you see him in public, intentionally walk in his direction. Walk slowly, sway your hips from side to side, and look straight in front of you. From time to time, as you approach him, pass your hands through your hair. When you get to where he is, cast a glance in his directions, try to make eye contact with him, and then look away and walk away. Go and stand at a vantage position where you can see his movements. Observe him closely. Wait till he seems to have lost focus on what he is doing. Then, walk back to where he is. If you can get close to him, walk very close by him and brush a part of his body with your hands. Stop, look into his eyes, smile, and then say something like, “Oh! I am sorry. Please forgive me!” Then walk away, intentionally make noise with your footwear so that you can grab some attention in the area. Cast glances behind you to see if he is still looking at you. If he is, laugh and walk on.
  • If you meet him where phone calls are allowed, intentionally make a phone call to one of your friends. Speak in an excited manner so that he will be forced to wonder, “Who is this woman?” It will make him look in your direction, and then you can look at him and smile into his face.
  • Send him text messages frequently. Tell him you think he is such a great guy. It will make him feel good about himself and make him like you more, which could influence him to want to know you more.

Attract a Man with Body Language

If you want to be able to attract a man and keep him, then you must exude self-confidence. Your body language must show that you believe in yourself. When you look and act confidently, men are more likely to notice you for men like confident women. It makes some men feel proud to be associated with a confident woman, and to have such a woman as their companion. Therefore if you want to attract a man fast, then look confident.

Looking Confident

Attract a man you like by looking confident. You can look confident when you first think confident. You must make up your mind that you are not inferior to anybody, and that you are also a creature of God who is loved by the Almighty. That should give you self-assurance.

In addition, make sure you always look smart; wear clean clothes, attractive make-up, and take good care of your hair. How you look will have a positive effect on your mind and make you feel good about yourself, making you feel confident.


Hair adds beauty to women. Men are creatures of sight and are attracted to beautiful things, including women with beautiful, well-done hair. Doing your hair well can help you attract a man for life, since it will make you look beautiful.

You can have beautiful hair when you wash it regularly with good soap or shampoo worked thoroughly into the scalp, and massage the scalp well. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and finally with cold water to improve upon the quality of your hair. Lemon juice and vinegar must be added to the rinsing water to remove excess soap. Dry thoroughly after rinsing with a clean towel.

Hair creams can be applied to the hair and it must always be combed as this makes the hair tidy, makes you look attractive, and increases your chances of being approached by a man.

To be beautiful, your hair must be more than just clean. It must also be beautifully arranged. This feature alone can make a woman attractive or repulsive to a man.

In order to make the most of your natural endowment in this respect, you should study your type of hair and the hair lines which will make you look most beautiful and will match your face, and experiment until you find a flattering hair-do that makes you look appealing.

Care of your Hair

The luster of your hair, which makes it appealing to a man, depends upon the amount of blood supply to your scalp, and the daily care you give to it.

To improve blood supply to your scalp, stand and lean far forward. This will allow blood to flow to your scalp, nourish the hair, and make it look attractive, thereby increasing your chances of attracting a man.

Daily Care

  • Brush your hair vigorously at least once a day, and more if possible. Part the hair into separate locks and brush from underneath as well as from above. See that at least half the strokes touch the scalp. Go over the entire head several times, letting the hair fly.
  • Massage the scalp and the back of the neck with your fingertips. This will loosen the scalp, stimulate circulation and relax the nerves.
  • If your scalp is dry, a few drops of olive oil rubbed in with the finger tips will be helpful.
  • It is important that your comb and brush be washed frequently in warm soap suds or in warm water to which a few drops of ammonia have been added.
  • The greatest secret of lovely hair is: brush, brush, brush!

Oral Hygiene

Cleanliness, especially good oral hygiene, is very important if you want to attract a man into your life. Having bad breath can put men off. Having fresh breath enables you to speak to men confidently, which enhances communication, which is so vital in any relationship.

One practice that leads to bad breath is to go to bed after dinner without cleaning your mouth. What happens is that micro-organisms which inhabit the mouth feed on lingering food particles and produce obnoxious gases. This process goes on during sleep and contributes considerably to the production of bad breath.

The first thing you ought to consider in maintaining clear, fresh breath is tongue hygiene. This involves thorough cleaning of your tongue whenever you brush your teeth. During tongue- cleaning, try as much as possible to reach the back of the tongue with the toothbrush because numerous bacteria reside there. These bacteria produce metabolic wastes such as obnoxious gases, which give rise to bad breath. Also clean the roof of your mouth. Rinse your mouth several times with clean water, after brushing them together with the tongue and roof of the mouth. Rinsing of the mouth must be done till there is hardly a trace of toothpaste in the mouth. This leaves the mouth clean and fresh.

Breath Improvers

Certain foods can serve as breath improvers. Fruits are among such foods. They contain fibers such as cellulose, pectin, hemicelluloses and lignin. These fibers brush off lingering particles of food and residue from the tongue, roof of the mouth and the tooth surfaces. Also, these fibers are able to go further down the mouth to clean the back of the tongue and the roof of the mouth whenever the fruits are swallowed after chewing. Examples of such fruits are pawpaw, pineapples, oranges, tangerines and mangoes.

When you observe good oral hygiene, men will feel comfortable when they approach you, and you can attract the man of your dreams because he will feel good, and can communicate effectively when he is around you.

Show Yourself to be Approachable

Before you can attract a man to you for him to propose love to you, he must have the confidence to approach you. He can have that confidence when he sees that you are a woman who can be approached.

You show you are a woman who can be approached when you are open and friendly to people. Some women are snobbish; they think they are better than everybody. Some women too are always wearing frowned faces. If you have this kind of attitude, you will find it very difficult to attract men because they will be afraid you will look down on them when they approach you.

On the other hand, when you are lively, always have a smile on your face, smile at people, look sunny, speak with infectious enthusiasm and passion, you send out positive emotions from yourself which draws people towards you. Some men will also notice it and be drawn to you.

Learn How to Charm Him

If you think a man is right for you, and you want to attract a man and keep him interested, praise his efforts. Attract a man through his ego! Most men will bend over backwards to please someone who praises their efforts. When you praise a man, it makes him like you. And when he develops a liking for you, then he will be more interested in developing a relationship with you. Therefore, concentrate on his positive qualities and talk about these often.

When you have conversations, smile at him. Put a coy look on your face. Make sure you make contact with his eyes, and maintain this contact. Attract a man with your eyes! Maintaining eye contact tells a man that you are interested in him, paving the way for him to make a move even if he is unsure of your response should he make the approach.

You can also charm and attract a man with your words. Kind, sweet, respectful words are a turn-on. The woman who speaks such words conveys a spirit of respect. Every man wants a woman who will respect him and so when you say words which show you will respect a man, he will be attracted to you.

Another way you can charm a man is trying to get the attention of the man, and using attractive eyelashes to make your face more attractive.

Getting His attention

You can get the attention of a man when you encourage him. A man needs the warmth of commendation. When you appreciate his hard work, for example, it makes a man’s feelings for you blossom and makes him positively predisposed towards you. You can be sure he will think about you a lot.


Eyelashes done well can make a woman look sexy and attractive to a man.

The lashes should never be heavily beaded with mascara, for it then spatters down under the eyes, causing a hollow-eyed, sickly effect. If lashes are to be darkened, the color should be thin enough so that it will not cake. When it is dry, the lashes should be brushed lightly to prevent their bunching together. Too heavy an application will make the lashes look stiff and unreal. Dye applied to the brows and lashes is attractive when done properly.

An eyelash curler will turn the lashes upward and make them appear more prominent. This is another method of calling attention to the eyes and making you look sexier.

If you prefer artificial lashes to any of the devices for coloring, place it on your upper lid, beginning at the center of the eye and extending to the outer edge while some lashes are fastened, one hair at a time, onto the real eyelashes. They will adhere only to a clean surface, so must be put on before the eye shadow or cream is applied. Trim to a conservative length if they are not to attract undue attention.

Apply eye cream or face cream to your upper lid. This should be applied with the little finger and worked upward from the center of the eye to the outer edge. A touch of the cream to the lashes and brows will add to their luster and make your face more attractive.

To make your face look even more attractive, you can create illusions—beauty enhancements which will make you appear extra attractive and sexy.

Some of the following principles illustrate how illusions may be created by the application of eye make-up:

Small Eyes

If you have small eyes, the brows should never be arched high or plucked to a thin line. To do so makes the eyes appear even smaller. The natural line of the brows should be extended beyond the outer edge of the eyes. Eye shadow and artificial lashes will add to the illusion of size. The lashes should be trimmed so that those on the outer corners of the eyes are longer than those in the center. This gives to the eyes the appearance of greater length.

Deep-set Eyes

Deep-set eyes often carry the aspect of ill humor unless they are carefully made up. Brows should be wide apart and have a circular contour so that the heavy line is lifted from the eyes. No eye shadow should be placed on the inner half of the upper lids. Place the shadow lightly at the center and blend it outward.

Large, Bulgy Eyes

If you have large, bulgy eyes, do not wear the brows arched in a circular line nor should you wear eye shadow on the upper lids, since these accentuate the difficulty. Make a straight brow line, rather elongated, to draw attention away from the roundness of the eyes. If artificial lashes are used, they should be shorter at the center of the eye, tapering in length to the longest at the outer edge.

Use Your Personality

If you want to be able to attract a man, you must try to look cheerful and lively most of the time. It will draw men to you, for most men want to associate themselves with a woman who is good company, and who can make them have fun times. When you are lively, you give the impression that you will be good fun to be with.

Smile often. When you are in the house, try to practice smiling, especially when you hear bad news. Do not start worrying, or sulking, but smile immediately you are told bad news. With time, it will become a habit, and it will be your second nature to smile, even when you feel terrible in your body, or when you are going through circumstances which make it difficult to look cheerful.

Research and get tons of jokes. Memorize some of them and practice acting out some of them when you are in the house, in front of your siblings. With time, you will perfect the skill and be able to make people laugh.

Develop Your Skills

You can use your skills to make you look unique, and make you stand apart from other women, if you feel you love a man and want to attract him. This could serve as a source of attraction for some men because they will want to know why you are so different, and that will make them draw closer to you so that they can get to know you more.


  • Make an effort to sharpen your talents, or learn a new skill.
  • Learn how to play the piano.
  • Learn how to play the guitar so that you can compose songs just for him.
  • Improve your story telling skills so that you can tell him wonderful love stories, or romance stories.
  • Learn how to sew and make him clothes, and he will love it, and possibly love you too for that.
  • Improve your acting skills so that you can liven the atmosphere whenever you are around him.
  • Read wide so that you can impress him with your knowledge about the world.

Have a Drive for Success

The status you attain in life is one great tool you can use to attract a man. Men like to associate with achievers, with women who do outstanding things, and who are a cut above their peers.

Therefore, do your possible best to ensure you achieve something in every sphere of life you find yourself.

  • If you are a student, work hard so that you will make good grades in school. When you are doing well in class, it will make you more attractive to guys.
  • If you are a worker, with diligence, perseverance, and resilience, try to rise up the corporate ladder. As you achieve success, and get promotions, you will become more attractive to men, and may make one of themgive his heart to you.


Applying the principles above will help you to attract the man you want, and if you can keep him interested, you can make him fall in love with you, and commit to a long-lasting relationship, and even marry you in the future.

How to Attract a Man

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© 2016 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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    • Papeeebooks profile imageAUTHOR

      Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio 

      2 years ago from Ghana

      Good thoughts. I appreciate your comment. At the end of the day, people have their own views as to how to make someone love them.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

      Although it's always great advice to have good hygiene and be in attire that is becoming of you it doesn't mean you can "make" any guy (you want) attracted to you. The hunter doesn't get to tell the "prey" what to like!

      Ultimately your goal is find someone who is naturally attracted to who (you) are. The three things most men (initially look for) in a woman are:

      Physical attributes, Personality, and Sense of humor.

      The great thing is there are over 7 Billion people on this planet!

      Odds are no matter who you are you're someone's type if not thousands or millions of people's type. Go out to any park, beach, mall, movie theatre, nightclub, or church and you are likely to see women who find completely unattractive and yet they will have a mate or spouse!

      If you're looking to find a specific type of person you want to make sure you're "running in the same circles" that they do.

      Secondly you want to imagine being them and looking at you.

      Would you want to date you if you were them?

      If the answer is "no" then go about cultivating the traits you believe this type of person would be attracted to. However it's important to note no man wants to deal with a "bait & switch" situation.

      Any changes you make yourself should be those you want permanently.

      It's been said women marry men (hoping they will change) and men marry women hoping (they will never change).

      Both are probably being "unrealistic" but it's good to know this in advance.


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