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How To Attract Women, no Matter what You Look Like

Updated on March 14, 2013

Its a lot easier than you may think. Generally woman are attracted by nature to a certain type of man. If you can master the appearance of these characteristics you will always have women interested in you. Good looks always help, but women are a lot more forgiving than men are, as far as looks go. You should always make a point of working out, and grooming yourself. One of the biggest complaints women have about men is that they don't brush their teeth enough, and that they often look un-kept after marriage. Many women are attracted to gay men for this reason.

Gay men pay attention to their appearance because they are in pursuit of other men, and women automatically find them "better looking" because of this attention to their appearance. Also, know one wants to be with a dirty, smelly, and run down looking person, and women make a big effort in wearing makeup, having a manicures and their hair colored, all to "keep themselves up" for the one they love. If you are a man who has his teeth brushed and bleached, goes to the gym, and takes a shower every day, you are automatically viewed as a possibility by many women. That is, even if you do not have much in common she would consider going out with you simply because you are not offensive in appearance. It will be up to you to make yourself appealing enough to see again after the first date.

What Do Women Find Attractive?

Women are attracted to men with a lot of money the same way that men are attracted to beautiful women. And it is a lot easier and more fulfilling to become rich than it is to become beautiful. Honestly, if a man really wants to attract women all he has to do is become business minded and almost immediately, the quality of women available will go up dramatically.

Emulate the rich and successful and you will become one of them. One of the great perks to trying to make yourself fit in with the well to do men is that you will be achieving success, and growing as a person at the same time you are becoming more attractive to women.

Once you have a woman showing you interest and you want her to completely fall for you, simply let her know that you will take care of her. Women crave a strong and powerful man, and when a man utters the words, "I want to take care of you", he has said the words that she has longed to hear from a man all her life.

No matter how much a woman says that she is modern and independent, she innately wants a man who is stronger than she is, and capable of earning more than she does. So, when going to a restaurant your body language should not be meek, and hanging back by the door while she approaches the host. You should go to the front door first and hold the door open for her and then walk confidently to the host to let him know what kind of table you want. Even if you are a little guy, a woman will still see you as powerful when your body language is strong and confident.

Never get drunk in front of her. You will not appear to be as powerful and in control if you are tipsy. I have seen women who are genuinely interested in men become quickly turned off when they seen the guy they thought to be in control, suddenly start slurring his words. Remember that women crave to feel protected and secure in your presence, and if they suddenly feel like they are babysitting, it will take away the whole romance for them.

If you are the guy who seems to be on his way up, then even a great looking, beach body with blond hair will not have a chance of swaying girls away from you. A handsome face, and masculine body are nice, but ultimately they do not pay the bills. Women want a man who has resources. A guy who can help them get a car, can provide them with small luxuries, and who is trustworthy.

How to be what Women Want

If you have been living paycheck to paycheck, all this talk about simply becoming rich may seem a little far out. But, if you are living in the United States becoming rich is still doable. It is actually a choice in life. If you want wealth and success, it is therefore you.

Some books to consider reading to get you in the right frame of mind are, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Millionaire Next Door.


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    • GlendaGoodWitch profile image

      GlendaGoodWitch 2 years ago from California

      Thank you Jon.

      Women are very much attracted to men like Ken Shamrock because he is handsome, built like a God, and presents himself articulately. Also, a big plus is that he has that old-fashioned quality of being a gentleman. (has stated that men should not hit women, ect) When a woman sees him, she is impressed, but, when she hears him, she is then intrigued. He has a lot of appeal.

      If most women were given a choice between a Donald Trump or a Ken Shamrock, they would prefer the Trump, because he represents total stability. I know many readers will go berserk, saying that means she is a gold digger, but, its not really that simple. Its no different that a man liking a woman who is a perfect 10. If given a choice, that is what he would pick, but, once getting to know a woman, he would sacrifice some beauty for same genuine traits. But, that does not mean that there is an instinct to go for beauty. This is also how women work.

      Women have an instinct to go for a provider, but, a strong man like Ken Shamrock has tremendous appeal because of his superman quality. Both men and women love the fantasy of Superman.

      Women like to feel safe, and with a guy who is boiling over with self confidence and physical strength to the level of Shamrock, there is another level of comfort and safety; this is indeed attractive. It could be lightly described as Shamrock being the weekend fantasy, and Trump being the long term guy. Just as a man thinks of a playboy bunny for a part-time fantasy, and a quality woman for life.

      The great news is that a man does not have to be a loser just because he does not look like Ken. The majority of women would throw him over for a funny, romantic, financially stable man any day.

    • profile image

      Jon 2 years ago

      I love this hub! I would love to know your thoughts about how this might tie in to your UFC hubs... specifically, if there is a correlation with how women perceive guys who are confident and strong in business and in life, and how they perceive guys like Ken Shamrock who is confident, cocky and merciless in a fight against an inferior man.