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How To Balance Work and Life - Top Tips

Updated on July 8, 2017

Life - Work Balance

All work and no play? When is it time to enjoy life? Are you searching for the work – life balance? I think everyone struggles at some point in their career to find that work - life balance. It does exist and you do need to make sure you put your family first (ALL THE TIME). However, work is a means to an end, so you have to be professional and learn how to work smarter, not harder.

“Life well spent is long.” Quote by Leonardo da Vinci

Mommy at work!

You can balance life and work!
You can balance life and work!

Career Important - Family More Important!

In this day and age, we have to look for the good in what we do. With little recognition and little encouragement, try and concentrate on what you have achieved, not your mistakes. I live it every day, so let's get this ball rolling. You can find balance in your life, it takes time and be open to changes but you can do it!

Key points to help you:

Work Balance:

  • Stay positive as much as possible.
  • Stay focus when at work! Critical!
  • Be organized and pay attention to details, this will help you succeed.
  • Remember, it’s a BUSINESS, don’t take everything so personal, it’s a business!
  • Do your work, make your deadlines, set priorities and achieve your goals for your company.
  • Promote the positive environment as much as possible to others.
  • When others are negative, look for the positive in any situation (that's the hardest part) teach them how to be more positive. Lead by example.
  • Workout and relief your stress (it will help). (For example, exercise, cook with your kids, laugh often, let go and enjoy life to relief stress).
  • Help your friends with finding jobs through networking.
  • See your projects through to completion. NEVER give up!
  • Always promote yourself when you have done a good job (don’t count on others to do this for you; you have to do it yourself).
  • Stand up for yourself! Don't let anyone put you down!
  • Believe in your work and in yourself (others will believe in you if you believe in yourself).
  • Stay focus, positive and be upbeat, it will pay off (promise)!

Life Balance:

  • When you tell your partner or children you will be there at a certain time, and then make that commitment.
  • Communicate to your partner, spouse or lover, make sure they understand your work life (keep them involved, it will help).
  • Make sure you bring your significant other to work functions, be proud of them, and help your partner to comprehend your work life.
  • Keep your commitments (to friends and others) it’s easy to blow them off but don’t do it, you will be thankful that you didn't!
  • Make a list of tasks you need to complete for the week, do them on your lunch hour, early morning or after work:
  • Running errands
  • Working out/exercising
  • Yearly checkup
  • Dentist appointment
Planning your week is just as critical in your home life if not, more in important then your work life:
  • Workout schedules
  • Children’s after school activities
  • Church activities
  • Date night
  • Planning meals for the week
  • Get all schedules on one calendar and plan each week appropriately (get organized)
Make time for your children, spouse, friends and/or lover. Fun play time is always important. Learn to laugh, have fun and enjoy your life, you only have one!

Through this slow economy, be prepared, network, be positive and always know your friends. It's important to work through the hard times because the good times are coming. Work through the chaos of life and it will make you stronger in the end. Don’t let your work consume you; it’s not worth it because in the end, your family and friends are going to be there for you through the good and the bad.

Work - life balance is critical to be successful (professionally and at home). You can do it, remember, it's about planning, communicating, commitment and having fun. Life is simple when you make it simple. However, first you have to work on be organized, planning for the week, and communicating the plan to your family and then commit to the plan. Good luck and remember life is what you make it!


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    • Rubi G profile image

      Rubi Olivares 5 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      thanks for following me and that is my hope i have always been a good writer and love to write so i figure why not make my opinions known to the world and hope on feedback at the same time! i hope you have an amazing day and night!

    • Modern Lady profile image

      Modern Lady 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I struggle a lot with this. It's so hard learning to leave time for yourself. Thank you for the wonderful tips.

    • profile image

      KatrineDalMonte 6 years ago

      Yes it's very important to find the right balance in life in order to be able to enjoy both work and family. I have tried many different variations, from working full-time in a high professional environment, managing the care of my children at the same time, which worked OK in a sense that I was happy in financial terms, but at the same time not having enough time for the loved ones..then I came to a realization that I needed to change something if I wanted to maintain the link between my children, see them grow and enjoy every day as much as possible. Therefore I opted to work less hours. This way I actually feel happier as I get to balance everything much better, and at the same time I have discovered my great interest in writing, which I am now able to do, and it gives me personal satisfaction and fulfilment. Everyone should feel what is right for them and how to make the best of what they are capable of doing.

      Voted up :-)

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      ligioli, thank you for the awesome comment. I do appreciate it so much!

    • alekhouse profile image

      Nancy Hinchliff 6 years ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

      Ladybird, You've got a lot of good suggestions here. I write for a newspaper assigned to women's careers and written about this very topic. I've gotten a lot of feedback from women who are having a hard time with this very thing. Women think they can do everything now (and they can), but it takes time, thought, organization, and ingenuity to make it work. Good for you that you came up with some very useful ideas. I'm sure they will be much appreciated.

    • ligiaogl profile image

      ligiaogl 6 years ago from Brazil

      Amazing tips!

      I'm in that time of my life, and it's really hard to do it all!

      All os the best for you.


    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      gustaw1981, great comment. i appreciate you stoping by and reading and even commenting.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      katrinasui, very true comment. Thanks for stopping by to see me.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      sairakhan, very sweet comment and made my day. Thank you! I can always write better and proof my work more. Improvement is critical but thank you for the awesome comment.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      thoughtforce, thanks for the comment. I appreciate you taking the time to read. Means alot.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Hi Harvey, how are you? I actually work similiar to what your wife does, I work in corporate education for medical devices and travel quite a bit. So life can be fun and crazy but my goal is to keep the balance. Hope you are well an always good to hear from you.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      catgyspy, your comment is true and I have been there. I try very hard now to keep the balance. Thanks for commenting.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      b. Malin, Enjoy retirement and thanks for your true. My best to you and enjoy your extra free time!

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 6 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Fucsia, I appreciate you reading and commenting. Thank you.

    • gustaw1981 profile image

      gustaw1981 6 years ago from Poland

      Sometimes balance is hard to achieve, I do not think overstretching with it is something good. Balance is a dynamic state. The best you can do is to accept what was and be prepared that what comes may not be that easy and organized. Life likes to create chaos, this is the only way we can learn from it.

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Great tips! There should be a balance between your work and life.

    • sairakhan profile image

      sairakhan 6 years ago from Bombay , India

      Buddy you really writes well...i was thinking how you have 95 hub score..but now after reading this hub...i realize that 95 is less for should have 100...I will try to do these practices that you explained in my daily life...thanks for guidance

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 6 years ago from Sweden

      It is a struggle to get our daily life together and you are so right, we need to think about how we live our life! It is so easy to just keep on working, keep on moving and doing all these things we "must" do. Sometimes we forget to live! Thanks for a great hub and a reminder of what is important in life.


    • Harvey Stelman profile image

      Harvey Stelman 6 years ago from Illinois

      Legs & Lips, These are great tips, but I have to ask you some questions. How many hours a week do you work, what type of work do you do and in what capacity?

      My wife is a National Sales Manager for a Fortune 100 Company, and tries to do it all. It's just NOT possible. I say, prioritize, have as much fun as possible but make sure work is #1. I know, I'm duller every year. H

    • catgypsy profile image

      catgypsy 6 years ago from the South

      Great hub and something we always need to remember. It's easy to get caught up in our work until we have no time for fun. Thanks for the reminder!

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      It never an easy task...But you've given a lot of Useful and Interesting thoughts and Tips for those still stuck working...I retired 2 years ago and LOVE I can Write whenever I want to! Good Hub, Ladybird.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      Great Tips! A tidy planning of our life is necessary to fully live every moment.

      Thanks for sharing.