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How To Be At Your Best At Singles Event

Updated on February 12, 2013

The Basics

Have you ever wonder how to be the ‘superstar’ at a singles event or party? I know a few places which offer guides with the exchange of cash but I am here and willing to share with you what all love gurus will never teaches you. In fact, they are the basic rules you must practise if you want to be the spotlight of the night.

The rules are simple and easy to follow. I have even broken them down into a few different sections which will help you to become the 'superstar' of the night! The best part is that all the advices are totally free of charged!

Drop all your expectations before party and focus on enjoying yourself
Drop all your expectations before party and focus on enjoying yourself


When you are going for a singles event, always leave your expectations at the door before going in. If you go in with high expectations, you might be disappointed in the end if you fail to achieve your goal. At the same time, if you go with low expectations, you might turn others down as you might not be on your best!

Always keep in mind that you go there for the fun of it. Simply by doing so, you are actually easing yourself from pressure and you will be at your best. Who knows that you could turn a few heads around.

Dressing counts

Dressing is another factor you must look into. Always remember not to over dress as you will look like a fool. Consider the dress or suit you are going to wear and if it suits the event. You wouldn’t want to receive unwanted spotlights during such events.

As a tip, make sure your whole body has not more than three colours. Any more (unless you have a style advisor with you) and you might look horrible! Have you ever notice most of the celebrities wear single colour dress or suits on red carpets?

Dress accordingly and always be yourself
Dress accordingly and always be yourself

Eyes contact and good conversation are the basics to a start a successful relationship.

Always be early

If you are there early, it shows that you have good time management. Besides that, you will be able to check out yourself and make sure everything (it’s your make up and clothes you are wearing that I am talking about!) is in order. When you arrive early, you are giving yourself ample time to ‘get in mood’ and relax yourself.

When you are late, you be rushing and there is a high odd that you might miss out something or even looked messy. Go early, take a look at yourself and start up with a drink while waiting for the party to start. Generally, it is good to reach there between 15 to 20 minutes earlier to ensure everything is in order.

Give chance to others

Okay here is the hard part. When you are at a singles event, avoid judging the book by its cover. Even I myself would prefer to go for a cute girl by the counter but the real fact here is always giving the person a chance to prove him or herself.

A simple example here is when you are having a conversation with a girl, always give a chance to her to express herself. Some people might need a little time to adjust to the situation. Therefore, give a chance for him or her to get used to the situation and you might just struck the jackpot.

Human Magnet

Try to be as interesting as possible and throw in a few jokes to make her laugh
Try to be as interesting as possible and throw in a few jokes to make her laugh

Be interesting to be interesting

This is the most important advice I have to highlight. Everyone loves to be with interesting people. So how do you become an interesting (object) for the opposite sex? The answer is simple: Be interesting to be interesting.

You might be scratching your head by now and wonder what the heck am I talking about. Allow me to explain in simpler words. Start being interesting and a little mysterious. Opposite sex are always curious. Just by a little mysterious, you basically transformed yourself into a small magnet in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Now, in order to be a huge magnet, you could gesture a quick smile towards the ‘target’ and turned away. Do a little eye contact before approaching the person and start a conversation. Now, you got the rhythm running, throw in jokes between conversations and both men and women always welcome jokes.

Last but not least, always try to have eye contact with the opposite sex when talking. Looking into the eyes of someone will prove you are genuine and romantic. This would need a little practice and therefore, you can always practice it in the mirror at home. Practicing doesn’t only give you more confident but at the same time, it will make you more relaxed and a much better talker. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”.


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