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15 Hot Tips To Get You More Dates

Updated on January 15, 2017
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Hubpages writer StricktlyDating is an Australian writer creating pages of original funny quotes and status updates.

How To Get More Dates

15 hot tips to get you more opportunities for meeting new people and getting more dates!

15 Tips To Get You More Dates:

1. Let it all hang out when you're at home alone, but make a conscious decision to be dressed your best whenever you're socialising. Depending on your current wardrobe, you may need to purchase a few new items of clothing. Purchase or wear white or solid colors, that will ensure you can be found in a crowd (But not bold prints which scream flamboyant party animal - Unless you want to attract the same). If you aren't quite ready to throw away your old faithful but seriously over-worn party clothes just yet, put them in a plastic bag in the back of your cupboard for now so that you're not tempted to put them on while your practicing being sexier!

Dress neatly, trying to avoid wearing all black, and frey'd clothing too (even jeans with holes that are meant to be there) as you don't want to be judged as a Goth or as scruffy on first impressions, unless of course that IS your look.

2. Take time to ensure you're well groomed when you're out in public (Try a new hairstyle or just trim those eyebrows). You don't need to go overboard though; You don't want to appear too high-maintenance - Eg: Shaved arms and fake tans for either men or women are not necessary for an attractive look.

3. Appear happy and smiling in your interactions with people you don't know. Just allow yourself to feel happy in their company. (Pretend you're feeling wonderful for no particular reason, and you're likely to give others a good first impression). You can practice this easily by starting up a simple conversation such as about the weather when you're paying the petrol station attendant for your fuel or buying your bread at the bakery etc. People will remember you when you take a little time to say "Hi" and ask how their day is, and you'll come across as being friendly.

4. Keep in mind your body language. You want to look relaxed and approachable, but at the same time still give others their own personal space. Don't be too 'touchy feely' with someone you first meet because it can come across as being sleezy.

5. Look people in the eye when they're talking to you (It lets them know they have your full attention). Glance across the room to that some who catches your eye and smile. You don't know whether they're single or not but you can let them know you like what you see with a simple glance and smile.

6. Make an effort to keep conversations rolling even if it's not a topic you're familiar with. If you don't know anything about what someone's discussing, just be honest and ask a few questions.

Have a respectful attitude in conversations (don't be overly sexual with your comments - it can be a turn-off), but you can mention that you're single!

7. Dare to flirt a little. In whatever ways are unique to you. No 'Pickup lines' are necessary, unless you're wanting to have a joke with someone. If you're not confident with flirting, play it safe - A small compliment about what someone's wearing or their hair will usually do the trick.

8. You need to go to new places to meet new people. It's a no-brainer! So think about where you can go in your local area to mix with new people. It usually means you'll need to take up a new sport or hobby, this not only gives you a new conversation topic when you're out and about in your normal ruiteen, it means you'll be able to share a hobby with the new people you meet at your class - Be it photography, Salsa Dancing or a mixed Tennis class.

9. If you're interested in someone ask if they're single and ask for their phone number if they are(It shows you're brave!). Do not text them to say you are happy to have their number, or to tell them when you're going to call them, it could make someone feel like you're playing a game. If you've got the number call the person (after office hours) so you can hear each others voice. Calling the next day will give you massive brownie points. Leave the daily text messages until you know each other better.

10. On the weekend, if you've drunk too much around those you're trying to impress and mingle with, it's time to go home. Don't just 'disappear'. Say you've had too much to drink and you don't want to give a bad impression so you feel you need to go home. Don't be sweyed otherwise. This saves you feeling like you want to text the next day to appologise. You should be showing your best self when you're wanting to impress someone. Being sincere and honest will get you a long way even in a bind.

11. Wear your favourite scent. It's AMAZING how attractive a scent can make you to the opposite sex! This is true for both men and women. Don't wear more than three sprays of your perfume though, you don't want to make the entire room smell like a florist. You just want a potential partner to notice it at some point when and if they move closer to you.

12. No one is going to discover what a catch you are if you don't get out of the house more often! Hanging out with your 'couple friends' won't get you a lot of dates, unless you're going to tennis clubs etc with them. Make plans with any of your single plans during the week and on the weekends so that you have more opportunities to encounter other singles.

13. Theres is absolutely NO REASON to tell your entire life story to anyone you've just met. You may feel you've got a connection with someone and you want to be honest and upfront with them, but you risk coming across as needy. Leaving a little mystery can be alluring (It allows for some surprises later on). Save the deep and meaningfuls for later on, and keep the conversation with potential partners happy, fun and light, and they will be more interested in considering dating you.

14. Don't panic (Or sulk) if the one you like doesn't appear interested. Don't take it personally. People are attracted to different things, and are at different stages in their life; and trying to convince someone to have a relationship with you when they're not feeling it is asking for heartbreak and just not sexy. Let it be their loss and focus on something else, like maybe one of their single friends!

15. Show self-confidence (or fake it a little if you need to) confidence is a very attractive trait, even someone trying to be confident is attractive and cute, so long as you are respectful. It doesn't matter that you're not the most attractive person in the room, if you are the most fun and sincere person to be around you'll be in with a good change of a future date!

Best wishes

Author: StricktlyDating

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