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How To Be an Awesome Husband

Updated on May 19, 2021
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Cristale Adams is an online author and publisher. Her articles vary in topics and focus on real life. She always enjoys learning new things.

What is a Husband?

A husband is defined as the male partner in a marital relationship with a woman. A husband also referred to as a spouse, is supposed to take his vows to his wife seriously because marriage is a more serious relationship than any other relationship. He must take care of his newly created family while fulfilling the vows he promised during the wedding ceremony. A husband has a large role in the marriage. In society, religions, and cultures the husband is known for his strength, head of the household, and the ability to provide for his family. A husband is a rock for his wife to lean on. The husband is a leader, but can also be a follower. His talents, abilities, and characteristics are important to the future of the marriage. A husband should try every day to be the best husband he can because he wants the same hard work from his wife also. His role involves many different aspects to fulfill.

Some Key Aspects of a Husband's Role

The husband's role involves many different aspects and they are all based on strength, leading, and loving. A husband must love his wife with all of his heart and treat her like a queen since husbands want to be the king. He must respect her and be there for her always. A husband has a role that involves so much work, it might as well be considered an occupation. The 5 main aspects of a husband's role are:

  • To love his wife, while making sacrifices for her and forgiving her.
  • To sanctify his wife, meaning to set her apart from other women.
  • To take care of her and her needs, emotionally and physically.
  • To honor her like a queen, which includes respect.
  • To lead her to better herself and her life, by support and encouragement.

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How to be an Awesome Husband

There are many complaints from wives about what their husband is not doing or doing wrong, so maybe some of the things on the list below will help to improve any marriage. The main thing to remember when being an awesome husband is knowing that you have an awesome wife that lives you just the same. She can be the motivation for hard work and dedication to making the marriage succeed. Having an awesome husband is really something to brag about because it is rare and hard to find a husband who is often.

1. Always Remain Loyal.

Loyalty means being faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due, such as a spouse. It is hard to find a husband who is loyal, faithful and devoted. Cheating spouses seems like a growing epidemic that is ruining marriages. A husband is most awesome when he remains loyal, faithful, and devoted to his wife at all times. This means no cheating physically but also not emotionally. An awesome husband will always look to his wife for all of his needs. He has no desire for another woman. The best way for a husband to always remain loyal is to avoid situations or places that encourage cheating, such as not going to strip clubs or bars alone and having friends who are also loyal to their partner. This is the most attractive characteristic an awesome husband should embrace. Remaining loyal is a trait that is difficult to find in many husbands, but it can be accomplished if the husband wants to be awesome and have a lasting marriage.

2. Show Your Wife You Trust Her.

It is not appealing when a husband is insecure, jealous, controlling, and possessive. Just as a wife should trust her husband, a husband should trust his wife. When there is mutual trust, the marriage is strong enough to handle anything. If there is any doubt, just ask. Giving your wife space will encourage her to do the same because trust is the solid foundation for any marriage. Allowing her to make decisions and use her own judgment is a great way to show her that you trust her.

3. Show Your Wife You Can Be Trusted.

Many wives believe that their husbands are being unfaithful, even when they are not. Things like acting secretive or deceptive give the wrong impression to wives. Show your wife that you can be trusted by keeping her in the loop of things by communicating with her and being open about everything/anything. If there is nothing going on, then she should have access to accounts and phones. She should be knowledgeable of her husband's agenda and the people in his life. This will open the door for abundant trust and space.

4. Spend Quality Time With Your Wife.

Wives enjoy spending quality time with their husbands, but many wives are neglected by their husbands. Married couples often find it difficult to spend quality time with one another because of work, children, and other responsibilities, but it is important for a healthy and lasting marriage. Spending quality time with one another while doing something fun allows for romance, passion, communication, and reconnecting with your wife. Some fun things to do with the wife include:

  • An evening picnic while watching the sunset.
  • Giving each other a massage with candles and soft music in the background.
  • Soaking in a bubble bath together while enjoying a few glasses of wine.

Indulging in a wife's company can make an awesome and happy husband. Plus it makes the wife happy also, which can lead to awesome things happening in the marriage. Quality time together it's a high priority for wives and should be for husbands also. Try being spontaneous with your quality time for a little excitement.

5. Be Your Wife's Best Friend Forever.

A husband can be his wife's best friend forever. A best friend relationship entails communicating, being supportive, laughing, and sharing good times with special moments together. That same best friend relationship can be shared between a husband and a wife. An awesome husband is easy to talk to, understanding, fun, and compassionate like a best friend would be. A marriage is healthier and stronger when the spouses can also be best friends, along with being spouses. Doing things with your wife that her best friend would do, like going out dancing or having lunch together, is a way to break the monotony that marriage can sometimes cause. Let your wife cry on your shoulder and listen to her problems because she will do the same for you. Share embarrassing moments together because laughter can bring spouses closer together.

6. Never Forget Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays.

Many husbands are guilty of always forgetting important dates and wives take it personally. Remembering your wife's birthday is important to make her feel special enough to remember. Celebrating your anniversary each year without her reminding you shows her that you too are excited about the years that have been invested into the marriage. Holidays like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are important to wives because it symbolizes a day to show much appreciation more than any other day if the year. Your wife will appreciate you remembering special days and will show you how much she appreciates it. Mark these special days on a calendar or cell phone to ensure that you remember then and can celebrate accordingly.

7. Lend a Helping Hand to Your Wife.

Wives sometimes get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in one day. Working, taking care of children, cleaning/cooking, and other responsibilities can be too much. Helping your wife with daily duties shows her that you want to be involved and are willing to make her work load lighter. Thinking of your wife in this way can help to provide her with more time to spend with her amazing husband. Wives have a many things to accomplish and only so much time to get them done, then she is tired at the end of the day. Lend a helping hand to your wife so she can give you more of her time.

8. Obtain and Maintain Stable Employment.

Since part of the husband's role is to be a stable and strong provider and a leader, stable and long-term employment is necessary for a husband to be awesome. Finding a career instead of a job demonstrates maturity, stability, and the interest in accomplishing future goals with the wife. The husband is the head of the household and his income should take care of the household. An awesome husband works every day and works hard for his wife, which he will reap the benefits from. Plus wives love seeing their husband in a suit or dress clothes.

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