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How To Build A Happy And Strong Marriage With A Strong Plan

Updated on May 5, 2015

Married is often everything else except what we thought it would be. You found out that you really didn't know yourself or your spouse. You also thought that you made a mistake, but actually getting married was what changed the dynamics of your relationship.

Marriage is like going through growing pains. You are both in a different relationship once you said "I Do" and you can't go back. Your mind and thoughts transferred with that statement. It's really an adjustment no different than your first job, first date,first car, etc

What Is Marriage?

Taking a leap toward commitment makes us all weak in the knees at first, but marriage is a commitment to endure another's persons feelings and struggles that may not be your own. Learning to compromise, work together and stay in love is a daily task that should never stop.

Have you ever thought that you would be the one couple that will make the great examples for all but it's not all what it's cracked up to be? I urge you to think of the non-romantic committed relationships in your life before you answer.

  • brother
  • sister
  • best friends
  • father
  • mother
  • child
  • grandparent
  • niece
  • nephew

One thing these people have in common is that you are committed to loving them throughout all of their faults, habits and weaknesses. You spend time without judgments that change your heart about the feeling you have for those dear to you....Your spouse is no different.

How To Love Your Spouse

Give your spouse these same concessions as you give your mother for other family member. Give them more because they are your partner for live. Do you lose patience when they are not perfect or disappoint you? Do you compare your companion to your ex lovers and random people who you have no importance to you? You have to look at your spouse with a soft eye the same way you look at your non-romantic family.

  1. Love with patience, admiration for your spouse the same as your parent.
  2. Care and love unconditionally as if you would your parent.
  3. Forgive endlessly without judgement as if you would your child.
  4. Enjoy life and share secrets as you would your best friend.
  5. Play, reward, hug and take walks as you would your beloved pet. No pun intended.

In order to have a happy marriage and build a strong bond change the way you love. Loving your spouse has nothing to do with weight gain, job loss. or depression. We love in spite of adversities and distractions.

Do you let the distractions of life come between the way you treat your love? Can you see how this can destroy trust, loyalty and love? Can you see how small misdeeds can turn into huge misunderstandings. For instance comparing your husband abs to your new work out instructor or a hot secretary to your wife with 3 children.

This not fair, stupid,immature and childless. But many make meaningless comparisons and go home to further poison their marriages through insults, petty banter, withholding passion. These things can happen unconsciously but it is up to you to always keep your family first in your heart at all time. This is why we "Pray together to stay together".

No matter what your belief system. Families have to spend time together, couples have to become one in mind and heart and individually we have to meditate or pray to stay strong and not be distracted.

Open Communication With Your Spouse

Communication is more than a kiss and hug everyday. Keeping in touch on a deeper level takes work. If you see that you have lost a connection begin by taking time together to get to know each other again. This will require no devices.

With time these moments will become more precious and you and your spouse will look forward to them.

  • Go on planned date nights and only answer cell phones in an emergency or bathroom break.
  • Spend at least 40 minutes talking about each others day.
  • Eat a meal together depending on your schedule. Besides it's better for your digestive system and please no cells during your meals.

Communication is so much more than talking. Touching and a glance can make blood boil as well as chill.

  • A friendly wink or a compliment goes a long way.
  • Send random love notes when your away from each other, this will build anticipation when your together.
  • Surprise your spouse when they least expect it to let them know how special they are.

Plan To Have A Happy Marriage

Just like a successful business your family should have a mission statement to keep you on tract. You may have a mission to send your children to college or to keep your family from harm but do you have a mission to keep your marriage and family happy and emotionally knitted?

Happy Marriage Outh

  • I will cherish and love my spouse without judgement.
  • I will share daily and listen to my spouse and family needs.
  • I will never put anything above the health of my marriage.
  • I will always have a shoulder to cry on and a smile to look upon.
  • I will forgive and never use it later for personal use.
  • I will always spend time with each household member to form a bond.
  • I will continue to learn how to be the best for my family and teach them to do the same.
  • I will enjoy family recreation at least twice a month.
  • I will always make my spouse fell sexy and wanted.
  • I will always be encouraging.
  • I am a role model.
  • I love my marriage.

Marriage is not a game or fraternity you join. It is a living breathing union that needs an updated business plan every month and will participants that are committed to working together for it's success.

Do you except the commitment oath before you? Say "I Will". So be it. You are destined to enjoy a fulfilling happy marriage till death do you part! This is number 4 of my Love Series. If you haven't read the 1st one What Men Really Want For Valentine's Day see it now.

What keeps your family together? Do you have a mission statement? Do you think it could help as a successful business uses one to keep them on tract? Please share.


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