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How To Carry On Your Relationship With Your Partner In A Smooth Way

Updated on May 31, 2011

Some Ways To Get a Smooth Relationship

Relation is like a crystal and very sophisticated. It needs proper care, maintenance and attention of both the partners and valuation.. It needs adjustment, good understanding and compromise. A compromise to make your beloved one happy and make him/ her feel that someone is there to take care about him/ her. If you can follow certain steps then it can be easier and comfortable to make a strong bondage between you and your partner.

1- Always be genuine to your beloved one. Let him/ her feel that you are like an open book to him/ her. Trust is a big thing in this relationship and once it breaks then none can bring it back in mind which will create problems in your love life and sometimes may caused break up of a relationship. So be truthful to your partner. Say whatever you feel; say whatever incidents happen to you. Then if he/ she stays with you the he/ she is yours and his/ her love is true for you.

2 - Try to spend a quality time with your beloved one. It will make your partner feel that you are not ignoring him/ her. Try to communicate with him in every possible way, whether you are busy in works or doing something else. If you cannot make a call to him/ her then just send an SMS and make your beloved one feel how much he/ she is important to you. And also show that in spite of being so busy and having a tight schedule, you are aware of him/ her.Sometimes a Romantic SMS or Love Scraps are very helpful to expose your feelings towards your partner and it also make them feel that in every situation or how much you get busy in work, you always think about your partner and that also increases love for you in your partner's mind.

3- Listen his/ her every word very carefully, what your partner says, wants to do, feel and that could make easier for you to understand your partner’s mentality. And that will also help you to know how he/ she is. Thought is very important factor to know about some one’s nature. That will also help you to continue this relationship and you will be able to make a strong understanding between you both. And don’t hide anything from him/ she and that may increase doubt in this relationship.

4- Don’t let him/ her feel that he/ she is alone and no one is there to stand beside of him/ her. That may also cause harm in your relationship. Whether he/ she is wrong or right, stay beside your partner in every situation and try to boost him/ her in every possible way. Give suggestions to him/ her politely but don’t impose your decision forcefully on him/ her. But always bother for what he/ she is doing, with whom he/ she is meeting, where he/ she is going etc.

5- Don’t let someone to interfere into your relationship. Always try to solve it with your beloved one. You can share your feelings with your friends and those who are closed to your heart or whom you can feel better to share but don’t let them underestimate your beloved one. It can also hurt his/ her respect in spite of knowing that she/ he is wrong.

Talk to your partner politely about your problems and try to find out the reason of that problem along with him/ her. That could make your partner realize about the guilt that he/ she has done. And always try to make the situation cool and casual that can also prevent from being bitter.

6- Do not always blame him/ her about any matter. That can also bring a complex in mind of your partner. Always try to make any situation easy and be responsible and careful about her emotion. Don’t say anything or do any act which may hurt his/ her emotion. Mind that all these can bring an obstacle in the way of growing your relationship and these may fade the attraction for each other between you both.

Nourish your relationship softly and carefully like a mother takes care of her child. Love is divine and god blessings. So don’t let it get out of your life by doing some mistakes. Don’t let come your ego between your relationships. Take your partner as he/ she is. Don’t try to change him/ her. Be real and unique and let your partner also be like that. Then only you can taste the freshness of this relationship and spend a happy love life with your beloved one.


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    • Manasidas profile image

      Manasidas 6 years ago from Kolkata

      hi Jaspal thanks for your comment. Yes but sometimes becomes very tough for some couples to blend it and ego comes bigger than affection. It is only us who can continue this relationship in a smooth way.

    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 6 years ago from India / Australia

      Wonderful hub. It's like 'must read' for all. Affection and care blended with a little understanding and adjustment can make relations more better.

    • Manasidas profile image

      Manasidas 6 years ago from Kolkata

      Hi Dale first of all thanks for your such a nice comment. Yes I agree with you and this has also inspired me to write this hub. Hope to see more comments from you in further.

    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Great hub reminding us of why we are in a relationship & that the work must go on instead of taking your partner for granted. Regards Dale