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How To Create Dream Beach Weddings

Updated on November 14, 2010

Of all the theme weddings, the beach wedding is perhaps the most romantic and desired of all the destinations. Beach weddings combine beauty, romance, and fun to bring together a truly special day for a truly special couple. Weddings on the beach are unique and memorable, and can provide the bride and groom with many opportunities to let their creativity shine. While beach weddings are indeed a popular choice, they do require some extra work and care given their special characteristics. This hub will share some things to keep in mind as you consider or plan a beach wedding, including some beach wedding ideas and suggestions.

What Do You Mean by Beach, Anyway?

The first thing to make clear is what kind of beach you want. All beaches are not created equal. Do you want a tropical island? A public beach close to home? Or do you want to gather at a private beach? Each choice has its benefits and drawbacks. If you want to travel to a destination, you’ll need to decide where. If you select a United States location, like Hawaii, you will make travel easier as passports won’t be necessary. Cheaper options could include Mexican or Caribbean destinations, though traveling out of the country has its drawbacks. You’ll need to decide where (and when) you want to have your beach wedding at your location, such as at a hotel or resort.

If you get married out of state or out of the country, make sure that your wedding will be recognized in your area upon your return.

How Long?

One of the advantages of the beach theme wedding is that you can spend multiple days at your location, both before the wedding and after. If you spend time at your location before the wedding, you will have the chance to spend more special time with your friends and family. It is also convenient to combine the wedding with the honeymoon. However, because the expenses for such a long wedding are higher per person than those for a shorter affair, you will probably have to limit your guest list severely if you are on any kind of budget. Luckily, beach alternatives can be cheaper than the traditional celebrations as long as you make prudent decisions about your special day or days.

How Much?

How much are you willing to spend on your wedding? Budgets are important for any wedding, but even more so with a destination wedding. Make sure you factor in any of the guests’ expenses, especially if you will be covering any portion of them. You’ll need to then figure out what kind of amenities and features you want for your hotel. Some hotels are all-inclusive, while others are more limited. You’ll also need to factor in costs for the ceremony and reception itself. You should also probably not expect any gifts, as your guests will be paying enough for their travel and accommodation expenses (though you will be covering the expenses for the wedding party).

How to Prepare?

There are many ways to take the beach theme and make it a part of the entire process. For instance, you can send your guests beach wedding invitations that will communicate your plans and set the tone of your wedding early. You can also get a beach wedding dress made for these types of occasions. There are also specific types of attire for the groom and the wedding party that you can tailor to the overall feel and theme of your wedding. Much of these details can be decided upon while you are at home.

How to Get Help

Once you’ve decided upon a location for your wedding and a hotel or resort, you’ll want to work with that resort on the specifics of your wedding. You will also want to arrive a few days early to your location in order to decide upon decorations, settings, music, and so on. Because you will usually be buying a package deal with the resort, you will have less flexibility than if you went the traditional route and hired a wedding planner or multiple vendors. This will somewhat simplify your life, as you will have fewer choices, but you might regret not having as much flexibility.

Some Drawbacks

There are some drawbacks to beach theme weddings. First, it may be difficult for some of your friends and family, both financially and practically, to travel to your wedding. If you want a huge bash, don’t go this route unless you are loaded. Additionally, because you probably won’t be able to visit your wedding site before the wedding, you will have to be comfortable with leaving a lot of things to chance. If you cannot chill out or if you are an obsessive micromanager, you may not like this aspect of beach weddings.

Finally, as with any outside wedding, weather can be a factor. You’ll need to come up with contingency plans in the event of storms. In addition, the externalities (such as political or social unrest) of the country you are visiting may cause problems, so choose wisely and plan accordingly. Sometimes the best financial deal isn’t worth it.

In the end, planning a beach wedding may be the perfect choice for you. For other hubs on wedding planning, see those on unique wedding ideas, the pink wedding dress, corset wedding dresses, finding the best reception hall, and finding a wedding planner book.


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