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How To Date Anybody

Updated on April 1, 2012



3 rules to finding and keeping love.

When you know the secrets of dating you find rather quickly that you don’t need them. You’ll find the one you love, that loves you back, before you know it.

The basics are “TCB”. No, it's not "Taking Care of Business" either!

T: Timing

You need to realize the correctly time to approach your intended dating partner. If your target is involved with another person and you show your intentions you may only set the course of a lifetime of “serial cheating” in either the one you want or yourself. Timing is part not breaking up another couple, part not seeking out the person you desire while they are in an emotionally fragile state and, finally, moving full steam ahead when the true opportunity arises.

C: Courtesy

Many people think that charm wins a heart, and certainly there are many examples of this being true. But think bigger. Charm is being nice to one person with the intention of making them think well of you, while courtesy is being kind to many people making the world think better of you. Which do you think is a more attractive personality trait?

B: Beauty

It’s not enough for your mother to say you’re a beautiful person, or a friend to say that you have a beauty only someone that loves you will understand, you need to know this about yourself in your heart. I don’t care if you wear ripped jeans and a lumberjack shirt or if you have the latest hair style and jewelry, if you dress as you think others see beauty, but you don’t, then that lie to yourself will keep you depressed and very unattractive overall. Live your own beauty ideal.

Following these three rules will guarantee that you find true love and the better you can stay true to these rules the longer love will stay alive in your life.


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