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Dealing With Or Interacting With Abrasive People In Your Professional and Personal Life

Updated on May 11, 2017

How To Deal With Abrasive People in Your Professional and Personal Life

In our society, I have dealt with all kinds of people. I'm not an abrasive person, actually I consider myself to be a very balanced personality type of individual. Which defines me as a person who is not easily angered, and takes life as it comes to me.

When encountering abrasive people, it is very easy to allow him or her to affect your affect your day in an adverse fashion, but I would not give that person that sort of satisfaction. Those who act abrasive, when he or she are told that they are, immediately may deny it.

I often wonder it a person who is abrasive, actually cares or knows that he or she is abrasive. I believe most know it. You will always find people that you interact with, who are abrasive or arrogant, or a little bit of both. The best way to deal with those type of individuals is to:

*Do not avoid interaction with them, even when you know you have to work with them in the workplace or on special type of projects

*Do not avoid doing business with people in the business world, who has abrasive personalities, I do not believe in anything standing between me making $$$$$.

*When your bottle becomes half full, and you have had your fill of dealing with abrasive individuals, take a break from them. Learn how to go and relax, remove yourself from the environment

*Never allow their personalities to rub off on you, even if they are influential people in your life, learn to have your own identity, know who you are, and love yourself.

*Compliment abrasive people that you interact with in your professional and personal life. Nine times out of ten, abrasive people, do not expect for people to compliment him or her, so it may surprise that person that you are passing them a compliment.

*Abrasive, Rude, and arrogant people generally may tend to have a huge ego in over drive problem, or he or she may just have low self esteem, and that maybe causing he or she to be rude, abrasive or arrogant.

*Also do not fall into that category, where you believe that you can negotiate with abrasive or arrogant people in any business setting, those individuals may sense your style of negotiation, as a subtle form of manipulation, so be very sensitive when you are trying to be a negotiator.

*Do not allow abrasive or arrogant individuals to ruin your day, smile and move forward through your day.


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    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

      Нижнее белье отчасти перестало быть нижним и превратилось в самостоятельную часть женского туалета. Когда верхняя одежда прозрачна - бельем любуются окружающие, в остальных случаях ничто не может заменить ощущения собственной элегантности, даже если окружающим она не видна.

    • profile image

      dizeViottebib 4 years ago

      My spouse and i helpful to find high on lifetime but of late I've truly accumulated any resistance.

    • CorpGiant profile image

      CorpGiant 4 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Dealing with abrasive people can be so mentally draining, especially, when you are not an abrasive person. I'm not an abrasive person, so I generally, just ignore them, life is too short for me to engage in a war of words with abrasive individuals. I appreciate you commenting on this hubpage. All the best. CG

    • profile image

      michael 6 years ago

      Personally, I don't have time to deal with these sort of people. So I find intellectualy and verbally ploughing them into the ground works wonders. Some people never learn and need to be taught a lesson