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How To Do A Reverse Image Search on Google

Updated on July 22, 2014

(The information below refers to the Chrome browser although it may work with others.)

Why You Need To Know This

Almost everyone has tried an online dating site, or at least looked at one. There are "amateur" sex sites all over the net and most of us get curious at some point, even if we're just trying to make sure our kids are surfing safely. Ultimately, you will come across people whose photos seem too good to be true, and most of the time they are. For example: the photo posted above is one that I found on a dating site. I did a reverse search and quickly discovered that this photo is posted all over the internet, on pay sites, or sites that intend to lure you to pay sites. This girl is a cam girl. Now, if you were looking for a woman to date, I'm sure she would catch your eye. She is young and attractive, and seemingly available. Don't be fooled.

Here's How

Right now, I want you to open a new tab to Google Images. Then, click and drag on the photo above and drop it in the search box on Google Images. Google will search for every instance of the photo or any photos that are similar. Take a moment and do that now.

What did you find?

You can do this with any photo. Pretty cool, huh? Try it out the next time you are wondering about whether a photo is "real" or not. Of course, this photo is real. It is of a real cam girl, who once she has you hooked, thinking that she just likes you for you, will attempt to get you to partake of her services, for money. If that's what you're looking for, enjoy. If not, you are now forewarned.

There are some tricks that people learn to do to avoid having their picture "recognized" for a reverse image search. Photoshop editing, flipping the pic, changing to black and white from color, cropping out part of the picture. Be aware. Things may not be what they seem.


While you can still search images using the method described above, it is now possible to right click or long press on just about any photo and have the option to "search google for this image" in the drop down menu. Thanks google!

Have you been duped?

Have you ever been fooled by someone you met online?

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