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How To Dominate Getting A Drink At The Bar

Updated on April 27, 2014


Have your full body against the bar

It’s more of you that can be seen by the bartender, and that’s one or two less people which increases your odds

Know what you want

Especially if it’s busy, If you go “uhh…” or ask us what’s on draft, they will move on and you have to wait all over again

Stand in the middle of the bar

It’s where the bartenders will always go. Some say go to the well station, but a lot of the time the bartender is more concentrated on the drink orders and making them rather than filling up more orders

Tip nicely

We know which person tips and how much. So you want to get a drink every time as soon as you walk to the bar? Don’t tip the bartender just a dollar. I do the countdown system, usually 3 the first round, 2 the second, 1 and next 2 rounds and then that’s it. If you’re thinking that’s way too much, then go drink at home and save your 7 dollars

Look directly at the bartender

The bar is loud, so the bartender is not going to yell for your attention they’re assuming that you are not ready to order. So make direct eye contact with the bartender and follow him with your eyes and they’ll know you want something

Do Not


Be on your phone

Again, not looking the bartenders assumes you don’t want to order. You put down the facebook for 2 minutes for a drink

Wave your money

It’s just rude. They could care less because else there has money

Don’t flag down the bartender

Again it’s rude and show disrespect

Yell for the bartender

Again, they know you’re there.


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