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How To Dominate In The Bar Scene

Updated on April 24, 2014

When we go out, we all dream of it being something out of epic movie. We want to be the life of the party, the one that everyone huddles around and is in awe of their every move. I’m not saying your night will be mistaken for a plot in The Hangover, but here are a few tips on how you can turn a regular night at the bar into a V.I.P. experience.

Dress Better Than The Bar

If you want to set yourself apart from the scrubs and stand out, you need to dress better then where you are. Example: If you’re going to a dive bar, nice t-shirt and jeans will work. Sports bar, try a polo shirt. Nightclub, wear button up (preferable bright colored because it’s usually dark inside). Upscale, a tailored suit. Make sure every article of clothing fits your body. Too baggy will make you look sloppy. Have your clothes loose but contours to your body.

Go To Your Favorite Bar Early

If you want to impress people at a bar you frequent the best way is to have special treatment from the bartender. Your relationship with the bartender can make or break your bar experience with friends or a special person you want to impress.

One thing to do is try talk up the bartender. Trying to do this at midnight on will never work, and just annoy the bartenders. If you want to establish a relationship with the bartenders at a bar you like to patron, come in earlier in the evening. Coming when it is not busy gives the bartender ample downtime and you have the opportunity to talk to them and establish a relationship that could benefit you when you come in and it’s crowded. A bartender knowing your name can make you come off as personable and friendly and that person eyeing you at the other end might ask the bartender if you’re single.


If you want a bartender to like you, tip them, especially if it’s a place you like and frequent. The bartender lives and dies with their tips as most bartenders’ base pay could not even order them a drink where they work. We’re not telling you to tip a 20 on 5 dollar drink, but maybe the first round you throw a 5, second a 2, third 1 or with your first drinking throw down 10. Because bartenders spend their weekends serving alcohol rather than consuming them, their vast amount of brain cells enable them to remember how much everyone is tipping. Good and bad tippers are remembered and good tipping will get you drinks quicker and will make look impressive to other people.

If You're Alone, Be Busy

Most of the people alone at the bar come off either of two things: creepy or non-existent, and if you are trying to be social, neither of these are the route you are trying to travel. First, do not sit at the end or the corner of the bar. If you want interact with people sit in the middle where there is the most traffic. Second, have a reason to be there. Go and watch the game, have something to read. Sounds crazy, but people will see that you’re there alone, but there is reason you are there besides getting drunk and stare at people and whatever you’re watching/reading can be an easy conversation starter.


If you’re alone, a smile will portray you as approachable and positive. My favorite move is I will pick up my phone like I got a message, look at it quick, and give a smile a little chuckle. It shows it you have a sense of humor, you enjoy being in a good mood, and you actually have friends. If you’re with people, do a lot of nodding, smiling and laughing. It will show that the people around you are entertaining and it will draw others towards you.

Do Not Get Wasted

“But isn’t the whole point of going out to the bar is to get wasted?” If that’s what you just said, go buy a handle of cheap vodka and a 30 rack of light beer and find the nearest frat party. The point of going to the bar is to have good time and socialize and you don’t need to get fall down drunk to achieve that. Over consuming alcohol is just dangerous and irresponsible. At the bar, there is always that one person that is way too drunk. They can’t stand or talk. Nobody likes that person. Think about the times that you have seen that person at the bar, what were you thinking? Maybe in your drunken mind you think the life of the party, but everyone just thinks you are a joke. The managers, bartenders, bouncers will think you are a joke and they will remember you. If you do something embarrassing, everyone will remember it. Do you want to be known as the one that threw up in the bathroom or cried in front of everyone?

Hopefully these tips will help you on your way to becoming a nightlife hero. If you have some tips on your own, leave them in the comments.


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