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Updated on September 15, 2016

People wonder why most of the teens nowadays are in a hurry to experience the adulthood. Many of the students who are just entering womanhood became wild and turned their way into the wrong paths. The boys or even girls became addict and abusive to their family and friends. Most of the unwanted pregnancy are from the teenage group because of lack of education, lack of awareness and pushed by poverty. At school, the grade schoolers are now aware of what's happening in the society especially the sexual topic towards opposite sex. Their minds are already malicious because of the influence in watching television and engaging to social media. They are eager to experience the inappropriate act just to follow the trend in the society without the awareness of having a good life of their own, a memory to build from their childhood and most especially the freedom to experience and enjoy singleness until they reach the appropriate time for marriage.

The Routines To Show Love To Yourself

A lot of activities to follow in helping yourself especially in building your self-confidence. But the first thing you have to do in giving yourself a credit is to show how you love and respect yourself. The number one priority is your body. Make yourself happy and stress-free. If you have a happy and healthy body, you can do the activities you love to do and you can make plans for yourself to achieve your goals and make it happen. Most of the routines that can make your body happy are the following:
* Sleep early at night, if you can't do it because you are suffering from insomnia, a glass of warm milk can help you fall asleep. Make sure you sleep atleast 8 hours because it helps your body achieve the energy needed the next day so you won't be sleepy at school or at work. Besides, lack of sleep is not good for your health and body.
* Wake up early in the morning, this is the hardest thing to do because mostly people really love to sleep. Eventhough, they reach the 8-hour limit they still want to extend the hours of sleep until 12 hours especially weekends or during day-off or cancellation of classes and/or during holidays. When you have a hard time to wake up, setting an alarm clock is needed until you achieve your biological clock of waking up. You can also ask somebody to wake you up in the set time you want to get up in the morning. You can ask your mom or roommate.
* Eat your breakfast. This is the important meal of all the favorite meals you have. Even you are on diet or not, you should eat breakfast. In this way, you show respect to your body. This is not all about what you want but your body needs and you should respect that because your body is Holy. Besides, we need energy to start our day. Cereals, Oatmeals, Eggs, Bread, Milk, Choco, Fruits are all time favorites for breakfast.
* Good Hygeine is a must. Before you start your day or even go to school or work place, you must not forget to take shower, take care of your beauty routines, morning bowel, brushing teeth, combing hair, putting vitamins in your skin, also don't forget your deodorant, enhance your beauty by your make-up or putting perfume or cologne. Everytime your body is clean, you also feel clean and feel good. When you feel good, you can start your day with smile and good vibes.
* Pray before you leave your house. There's really a difference between going out or starting the day with prayers and without prayers, because with prayers it seems like you put a protection for yourself through the Holy Spirit by asking Him to guide you all through out the day. This is your final power in showing love to yourself. Feel happy and be happy with the grace and blessing of the Lord.

Being Single is Not being lonely, It can be but You can Overcome it!

When you are young or younger than your age right now, you felt it was okay to be single because you enjoyed it with friends since you did a lot of fun together and you did all the routines I've mentioned. But now you felt alone and lonely because most of your friends have their own life now. You can not easily ask them to hangout with you no more because they already have priorities now which is their family. Because of this, you started to become depressed, emotional and worried. You slowly disrespect yourself that leads you to forget taking care of your body. How to overcome being alone and lonely? You must cheer up! Below are the list of things to remember on how to be a happy single human being.
* Avoid looking back to your past. Make sure you are living your life in the present and accept that everything changes. Life must go on without your friends physical appearance because nothing is permanent in this world. Memories are good to cherish to give you courage and inspiration for the future not to self-pity your situation because you thought you are left behind. That's not true. Your married friends are still your friends no matter what, but they can't be with you forever. So, move on.
* Make new friends. Don't be shy, choosy, judgemental and unapproachable. In short, be friendly. In your life span, you will meet millions of people to be your prospect as your real and true friends. You should know how to choose real friends not by just saying friends because you don't have friends at the moment but look at the behavior, attitude and influence on you. When you see good signs, gotcha! Join clubs or lessons to meet friends and do activities together to have fun.
* Change your mindset. Do the things you wanna do. The ones you really want and scared to do but you think it is worth a try. Travel places, experiments and change lifestyle. Set a goal and make it happen. Make yourself busy by doing hobbies, business, etc.
* Practice a healthy lifestyle. Go to church, attend party or invitations, eat healthy food and do exercise especially walking long hours plus drink lots of water. Maintain your body as young as possible if cannot then age is just only a number, maintain being young at heart. That's important.

Some Activities To Do To Avoid Boredom In Your Status

Here are some activities you can do alone with fun. I list down 25 since we know that thousands of activities to do but we are not willing to do.
* Modeling
* Go abroad
* Play games
* Do business
* Cook at home
* Play with kids
* Write articles
* Watch movies
* Start blogging
* Visit old friends
* Enjoy your work
* Chat with friends
* Enjoy your hobby
* Engage in social media
* Travel and visit places
* Make your own website
* Learn dancing and singing
* Play guitar or any instruments
* Attend church, party, date, etc.
* Self-study lessons from youtube
* Sleep and eat your favorite food at home
* Read Bible, articles, books, magazines, etc.
* Go to malls, beach, amusement parks, shopping
* Talk to people at work, on dating site, new friends
* Collect your favorite things like toys, pictures, videos

Getting older but still single?

What are the reasons why you're still a single person eventhough you are already ready in getting married and also ready to face the challenges in the next phase of your life? There are several factors you may consider in your situation: (Below are 10 examples why)
* You are choosy.
* You are not pretty.
* You are moody, has attitude.
* You are contented with your life.
* You are a nagger, guys don't like that.
* You are shy and scared meeting people.
* You are enjoying yourself being a single.
* You are busy, no time for meeting prospects.
* You are fat, you need to reduce your weight.
* You are conservative not open minded person.


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 2 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks tillsontitan for your good comment. yes whether single or not what important is being happy in your life.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 2 years ago from New York

      Well done. I think the secret here is to live your life and do it with your health in mind. Whether you are single or married is not the point. Healthy and happy is!

    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 2 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your point of view.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      Being single is nothing more than a marital status.

      Even couples living together are legally considered "single".

      A few years back I asked the following question on HP:

      "How do you define single?"

      There were a variety of answers from "not dating anyone", "not being in an (exclusive) relationship/no-strings", to being in a relationship but not married. One woman said if you're dating anyone you're not single. This included 2nd and 3rd dates where no knows if there will be a relationship!

      Being single is only a problem for those who don't want to be single!

      Not having (what you want) is what causes one unhappiness.

      There are always going to be people who are single that wish they were married and married people who wish they were single again.

      In the U.S. the divorce rate is around 50%. People change their minds a lot!

      It's not about the relationship/marital status but rather what (you) want!