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How To Find A Date

Updated on July 11, 2010

If you are single but would like to be part of a loved up couple, you have to work at finding the perfect partner.  It seems that in days gone by you only had to step out of your front door and you would practically trip over your future husband to be.  Well that’s the sort of fairytale story I seem to keep hearing from my family and friends.

The usual places that people meet, start dating, fall in love and commit to each other are either at school, college or the workplace. 

However there is now a huge amount of singletons out there that seemed to have missed the boat through no fault of their own.  Everyone is striving so hard for the best jobs and careers that their love life has been left to the side.  We all fully expected it to happen to us “one day”.  Now “one day” seems to never arrive. So it is time to get to work. It is time to be proactive to find your true soul mate.

Try different types of dating to find your perfect partner
Try different types of dating to find your perfect partner

Here are 3 methods to finding a successful date, lover or whatever you want to call your significant other.

  • Online dating websites
  • Newspaper adverts
  • Speed dating

Try Online Dating Websites

The dating industry has become big business and there seems to be a dating website to suit everyone’s needs. There is a choice of signing up with the free online sites or registering with a specialist site that aims to find dates within a specific area. For example there is a dating website for military people and one for those who only want to get matched with people who are wealthy. You are sure to find a company to meet your requirements if you look hard enough.

Be brave when looking for love
Be brave when looking for love

Find Your Date Through Newspaper Adverts

Almost every newspaper has a lonely hearts section where you can read a little snippet about someone who is looking to make a love connection. If you read something that takes your fancy all you have to do is get in touch. This is usually achieved via an email address provided by the paper. Some papers will use voicemail services.

If you want to place an advert for yourself you should try and make is witty. Make sure you choose the sort of newspaper that you would want your ideal partner to read.

Try Speed-dating

This is the new kid on the dating block. Groups of people are brought together and arranged into two lines, the women on one side and the men on the other. You are then given a set amount of time to speak to each other. When the buzzer goes you move on to the next person in the line.

Companies that run these events tend to hold these sessions in bars or clubs and the women are allowed to sit while the men play musical chairs. Once everyone has had a chance to talk or rather “interview” each other, they are asked to tick off names or numbers on a list to indicate which people they would like to get to know a little better. Some organisations let you know immediately if you have attracted anyone’s eye while others will send you an email the next day with your results. It can be quite a fun and relaxing way to meet new people but you do have to be confident enough to try and make some sort of conversation within a short space of time.

True love could be just round the corner
True love could be just round the corner

If you really want to find a partner for life and you can see that your usual method of meeting a guy is not working, why not try something new. It can’t hurt to experiment and who knows, you might actually enjoy yourself and end up meeting your Mr Right.

Good luck and happy dating.


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