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Updated on September 15, 2016

How Many Guys Do You Meet In An Average Week?

And that does not mean just anyone. It does not mean same guy you go out all the time, it does not mean your friends, it doesn't mean same guy you always go to the pub with. I mean new guys! How many guys do you meet in an average week?

There are amazing guys everywhere. Now think of it like this: As a woman, you don't wanna be running up the guys out of nowhere. But, they're always of doing it.

There are ways of making it really simple and what women forget is that women have been doing for a long time. Women think that women don't like the move. They do! And even women who look like, they don't like the move, men will making the move.

Think of it like this: A woman walks pass the man that she likes, and as she walks pass him knowing that she likes him, she drops her handkerchief and then she keeps walking. And the guy sees the handkerchief and says "This is an extraordinary opportunity to be a man", he picks up the handkerchief, he walks it over and he says "Ma'am, I believe you dropped this!"

And now, they have a conversation. Now, he in his male mind thinks he did that. He thinks he made the move. He didn't! She did! She chose him!

I don't know when women stop doing that but they did. They stop choosing the guys they want and they wait to be chosen. And it drives me freaking crazy because they wonder why they always end up with the guy they don't want because they wait to be chosen.

Now, imagine a scenario where we wait to be chosen, and how likely that makes it we're gonna meet the guy we've always wanted. Women don't do any other things in their lives like that. Women don't go shopping like that. They don't walking to the department store and stand there and go "Now, I just wait to the right dress to come to me":) Not happen like that!

What they do? They walk in and they choose. Find something and throw away, find something again and throw away,. They take 10 things to the changing room, try on and say no,no,no, then they find one, they like it, and they buy it!

In their love lives is like they become completely different people. Is like the one they ruin their lives when they wait and it's so tragic because they deserve more than half the guys that coming up to them but the problem is if you always waiting for people to do something will constantly choosing from the select group of guys instead of the entire buffet of guys that is out there.

So ladies out there, from this simple tips, you can now say this to yourself: "I can go out and can just choose who is I want , instead of waiting to be chosen".

Hope it can help a lot.


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    • bujoy83 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dream Conquerer 

      5 years ago from Costa Rica

      Thank you dashingscorpio, you always make me feel happy about your comments and you always give good insight that other readers can reflect. Cheers!

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago

      I agree that women as well as men should take charge of their lives. Instead of "waiting" for something to happen you have to "make it" happen. For all the advances women have made with regard to equal rights, careers, and more sexual freedom with better birth control methods they still buy into outdated beliefs that men (love) to chase women.

      Yes there are (some) guys who try and hit on women all day long. However the majority of guys are not going to approach a woman unless they believe she has a hint of interest in them. Flirting has become a lost art. In this day and age of sexual harassment and stalking most guys are going to be laid back with regard to pursuing women.

      Nevertheless no matter if one flirts or introduces them self there is always a chance the person you are interested in is spoken for or you are simply not their type. I suspect the real reason why women refuse to take charge of their romantic lives has to do with their (fear of rejection).

      I've known women who have been living together with their boyfriend for 5 years and want to get married (but) they are "waiting" for (him) to propose or they're reading books to find ways to "get him to propose". Whenever I suggest the woman propose to her boyfriend she looks at me like I'm crazy. You would think that after (5 years of living together) you could ask your mate for anything! My mother use to say: "If it's not worth asking for then it's not worth having." Awhile back I wrote a hub about this. More often than not these women say for them to propose is unromantic but I believe they don't want to risk being rejected. They'd rather gamble some more time away hoping that their man will finally "put a ring on it." If they knew he never plans to then they would have to make a tough decision. "Ignorance is bliss".


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