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How To Forgive And Love Your Spouse The Way God Wants You To- Save Your Marriage Or Relationship

Updated on June 14, 2011

How To Save Your Marriage

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How To Forgive Your Imperfect Spouse

How to save your marriage from divorce. Choosing who we want to spend our life with and knowing what we can't live with sometimes turns into a game of who has the most points. Then the person with the most points feels they are justified in walking out of the relationship.

When we see dishes piling up and head scarves we see what we use to have as a past dream or when the belly bulges, and wise cracks begin to sting our ears we begin to second guess our choices.

Now we are counting how many times we clean up after our men and the men start counting how many times you say "no".

When Did We Go Wrong?

When we begin to second guess our love and comparing it to early on, this is when we begin to go down the wrong road. We then begin becoming what we used to to impress someone other than our spouses instead of bringing spice back into our own relationships.

  • Make your spouse feel sexy.
  • Help when help is needed.
  • Make surprise date or meal.

When we carelessly treat our relationship as if they are disposable our spouse senses this and follows suit. Men are the head of the house-hold and women are the gate keepers. It is our individual jobs to guard our relationships close to our breast at all cost. This means battling with each other at times (with love).

No matter what your spouse does that you don't like, do your finest job to be the best partner there is. Sometimes this means saying things you don't want too. Show your spouse on their worse day that you can get past the bad and uncomfortable together.

Make A Decision To Save Your Marriage

If you don't like the way your relationship is going, change your reaction and be a part of the solution. We have the power to make smiles and warm feelings from kind words, compassion and gestures.

Don't you know that if you decided to bend over backward for your relationship your spouse will too.What person want to loose this type of treatment? If you want the best, be the best.

Don't let bad attitudes, mistakes, or forgotten promises make you neglect your spouse. What if God forgot HIS promise to us when we mess up? Of course we wouldn't like that.

Your Gift Of Love

When someone gives you a pet or a gift do you throw it away? Well GOD gave you precious gifts of love you your relationship to cherish every chance you get. You wouldn't throw your favorite coat away because is lost it's button.

Your spouse is like an oak tree and should be treated as such. It may get big,aged and shady at times but becomes more irreplaceable,immovable, and interesting every year.

Relationships are never perfect and should never be treated as if they are. There will be confusion, hurt feelings and arguments. But going through the rough patches with someone worthy enough to battle with you is a blessing. The one that cares enough to fight with you to be better is the one that will fight to stay together for love.

Jesus Gave His Life In Exchange For Our Forgiveness From GOD

God gave HIS SON in order for us to be forgiven for our sins. Forgive your spouse for not being perfect the way you want to be forgiven. This is called Agape Love. Agape Love is the kind of love the FATHER give us and the kind of love a mother gives her child.

What can a child do so wrong that a mother would leave them? Then why are relationships breaking up all the time when they once were committed and in love?

Save Your Marriage With The Love Of GOD

Really love your spouse the way GOD loves us and you will see that dirty dishes,fat thighs,bald heads, and screaming kids are still gifts and symbols that you are blessed with people that love you unconditionally, Love them back the same way God does. Know matter your faults, past deeds or mistakes, your are loved and forgiven. You will always start over with a clean slate just by GODs forgiveness. Can you forgive? Can you first forgive yourself and move on to a brighter relationship? Save Your Marriage.


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