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How To Get A Boyfriend If You Have Never Had One

Updated on October 10, 2013

I want a boyfriend - How can I get one?

Yeah, all of your friends have already heard you whining “I want a boyfriend - why can’t I just get one as easy as other girls do?” Good question, especially if you are a girl/woman who has never had a boyfriend. One thing that you need to understand about men is that they are the same as us except they aren't invested in personality as much. A guy tends to focus on the law of attraction which for men - starts with appearance. As a beautiful girl, you could get practically any man you wanted.

This may seem shallow to many girls but if you really don’t think you are pretty or simply have some things to work on, how about getting a makeover? A good friend, your mother, or even a cosmetologist expert could help you with your makeover. Let’s look at some of the things we could change.

  • Get contact lenses instead of glasses

  • Keep the “femininity” by growing your hair out long

  • Dress in outfits such as skirts, lace, and silk (nothing too revealing please)

  • If you have extra tummy fat, use a “tummy tucker corset”

  • Wear subtle makeup from time to time. Lip gloss, eyeliner, and blush will do

  • Always smile and keep an upbeat attitude

Those are just a few things you can do in order to get a man. Notice that guys aren't always interested in appearance. This is why we recommend smiling often. To a guy, a smile is an invitation for him to come over. Glaring or ignoring him won't do any good. This brings us to our next topic - how do I meet guys?

How to meet guys - Getting his attention

If you want to know how to meet guys, the first thing you need to bring to the table is your personality. Don’t act stiff or shy. This may be easier said than done. Only look at him as a friend and nothing more. Let your playful side come out. Here are a few tips you can use to signal to a guy that you like him:

  • Give him a smile whenever you catch his eye

  • Never stare - only glance. A girl who stares will seem desperate to him

  • Be feminine in your actions like playing with your hair or crossing your legs

  • Mostly listen to him when he talks but ask a few questions too

Where to meet guys in your local area

When I was single, I would always wonder where to meet guys. As a shy girl, introducing myself was out of the question. I could easily talk with girls but connecting with men was a whole different story for me. There are alternatives though to get yourself noticed. Here are a few places where you can meet guys.

  • Online dating - Dating online will help you connect with guys who are really interested in you instead of blindly guessing

  • Through friends - Having girlfriends who have cousins, brothers, or other guy friends can certainly help in finding a mate.

  • Volunteering - If you enjoy helping people or your community, you can find other guys who are just like you. Volunteering means working together so this is a great way to find a boyfriend.

  • School - Your local college or in high school (assuming you are a teen) is a great place to meet boys. In fact, having a high school sweethearts is one of the fondest memories that you will always have.

Finding the right guy

Finding the right guy is more important than learning how to meet a guy. In fact, you should be picky about who you go out with. There are some guys that are good for you while others aren’t so good. Here are a few personality traits that you are looking for in a man:

  • Reliable and always on time

  • Upfront, blunt, or honest

  • Charming and sweet to others

  • Non-aggressive and gentle

  • Hard working with goals

These are a few things to look for when you are searching for a boyfriend. Of course, no one is perfect these days so it's a good idea to take into mind the traits that are most important to you. Also, NEVER date a guy who seems verbally abusive with others or often gets into fights. You want someone who you will be safe with and also who will respect you.

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I really want a boyfriend - Am I being too desperate?

Most girls who really want a boyfriend feel as if they are being too desperate but this is really not the case. The psychological aspect of this is that you see many other couples holding hands and you feel left out. What’s worse is that your friends invite you over and you feel like as if you are a third wheel, watching them kiss. Instead of accepting the invitation, go ahead and see if your girlfriend can invite another guy who may be interested in you.

How to turn a friend into a boyfriend


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