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How To Get Back With Someone You Love

Updated on September 13, 2011

There Is Hope...

The sense of loss when you split from someone you love can be all consuming.

The world goes on, but for you, it seems like you are caught in a strange half world, where nothing is right, and feels like nothing ever will be right, until the person you love is back in your arms.

Different people create different circumstances, but take heart, there is still hope of getting back with someone you love.

Ask Yourself...

Ok, I have some questions for you.

  • Have you as a person changed since you met your ex?
  • Do you think you relied on them to make you happy?
  • Did your life revolve around theirs?
  • Did you always put your partner before yourself?

Stand back for a moment and look at how the relationship developed, what it was like in the very beginning, to what it was like at the end.

All good relationships have a good balance of compromise, with each partner aware of the others needs, but not forgetting their own. This balance is very important for a strong and healthy relationship. Neither party must feel like they are putting in more than they are getting out.

Who Are You Now?

Do you think you are the same person you were when you first met your ex?

Why do you think your ex was attracted to you when you met?

Different people are attracted to different traits in a person, physical attraction is obvious, but the basis of any attraction is the ability of the other person to make you feel like they would be great company and fun to be around. Confident and happy within themselves. This is the person your ex was attracted to.

There are countless reasons you would probably list as the cause of the breakdown in your relationship, arguments and differences can all take a heavy toll on a relationship, but the fundamental reason is that you are probably not the person you were when you first met your ex. What first attracted them to you is no longer there.

Cause And Effect

When you feel like you are starting to lose the person you love, the feelings of desperation start to take over, and you begin to behave and react out of character.

The push and pull rule: Trying to make them stay will only push them further away.

The Key...

The key to getting back with someone you love is to be that person you once were, the person that your ex fell for.

Easier said than done, but finding that person again is the key to getting them back. Try to remember what your interests were, where you used to hang out, who you used to hang out with. Focus your energy on you, not on someone else. Just a short time spent remembering what used to make you happy, is enough to to bring about a shift in how you feel about yourself, and how other people see you.

Avoid contact and the temtation to call, remember the push and pull rule...

Showing someone you love that you are still that person they fell for, is the first step in getting their attention and "pulling" them back.

If you want to get back with someone you love, what you say and how you react is all important.

Visit I Want My Girlfriend Back for more advice, and find out how, if you do it right, getting them back is only a matter of time...


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