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How To Get Married. Be the Prize not Just a Convenience.

Updated on August 14, 2013

Have a Wedding Day

How to Be Miss Right, Not Miss Right Now

It is not rocket science. Even some pretty goofy looking people get married, yet there seems to be a growing number of women who remain single throughout life, and not by choice. It can be blamed in part by the lack of religion that our modern society as it is gravitating towards, and the whole immorality that this country is now welcoming. Without the desire to be upright and moral, men don't have a solid moral structure in their lives, and everything, including how he sees women, along with his views of family in general are affected. Even if you are not religious, you should be well aware that this change is not a good one, and one that seriously affects the lives of women in particular in a very negative way, causing financial and emotional hardship that previous generations of women were not subject to. As they had their husbands, and even if the man were a lousy cheat, society would frown on him and make him pay the price. These days there is no such thing as a lousy, cheating man who owes his family and the woman he has wronged. Many wives discover this the hard way when they go to divorce court. The "law" calls every break up irreconcilable differences -period! So, a woman must be smart from the beginning to the end.

Not all women find themselves battling their man for a proposal, in fact there are some women who regularly put men off while they "think about it."

Why are some women married after dating the man of their dreams for only one year while so many other women find themselves tied with a guy as his "live in girlfriend" for a decade or more?

To avoid being strung along in the first place a smart girl knows that she must make herself look valuable to her man from the start, and one of the big mistakes that women make early on is that they present themselves as just another dame. They forget to make themselves stand out.

If a guy sees you as a dime-a- dozen girl then he will certainly treat you as a convenience. And be warned! He will string you along for years, until he finally meets a woman who puts pressure on him and demands his respect. At this point, he will dump you like a hot potato to join his dream girl. Don't think for a moment that it can't happen to you.

Winning a Man's Love & Respect

Hopefully you observed rule number one when it comes to getting a man to fall in love with you. One of the best ways to get a man to love you is to get him to respect and admire you. The surest and easiest way of paving your way to a man's heart is to avoid becoming intimate with him until you know the guy well and are already going places with him. The rule of thumb is to wait at least five months before you have sex. If you can wait even longer, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Some very smart and well admired women wait until they are married before becoming intimate. The much married and well to do Zsa Zsa Gabor falls into this category.

If you did observe the number one rule then you have a lot of leverage. As your relationship develops it is wise to avoid the temptation of moving in with your boyfriend. If you or your boyfriend are not ready to get married then don't movie in. Its as simple as that. When couples move in together, they are less likely to get married. This is simply because the importance of marriage is not so heavily on the minds of the couple. The old fashioned formalities lead couples to marriage and the modern methods lead couples to a dysfunctional relationship with no commitment.

Having standards is admirable. If you are not the kind of girl to move in with a guy, and remain independent until marriage, that will give you an exclusive air, and will not take the shin off of the thrill of spending weekends and evenings with you.

Modern women are guilty of showing too much of themselves too soon, and ruining the romance by leaving their toothbrush and some other personal items at their boyfriend's place.


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