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How To Help A Friend When They Are Upset

Updated on September 2, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


Sometimes you will have a friend that will come to you for advise or help. Other times, they won't come to you because they don't realize they need the help. When people yell or get upset, sometimes it's a sign saying not to leave them alone. They simply don't know how to say it. We come across difficult situations in life and we try our best to give advise or help others. It's a natural emotion for us to care for one another even though you may not realize it either. A lot of people need the help, but don't know how to find it. That's the time when you need to step in and try to do something before they do something stupid.

Death is a tough thing to deal with. What sucks is telling someone that their loved one passed away. It's sad for them and it's sad for you, but be there for them and help them grieve. They will most likely appreciate that you are there for them and realize that you are a good friend. Do as much as you can to help them and just be there for them. Good karma will come your way as well and your friend might do something to help you out in future as well.

Break ups can be heart breaking. Always give a girl food when she is upset. If your guy friend ended up getting dumped, well take him out somewhere that you know he enjoys like golfing or fishing. Talk to them and encourage them to do healthy behaviors. We all know that when someone is upset, they don't like to eat or sleep. Make sure your friend eats or sleeps, so it doesn't make it an even more difficult situation to handle.


Cancer can be a pain, but they do want you to be there and they will show it as best as they can. Be there for them and do fun things with them. Their life will soon be cut off and it will suck, but make the rest of their life happy and not depressing. Get their mind off of it. Do some things on their bucket list with them. Be with them when they go to their chemo appointments. They will love you for it until their last day.

Try to be a good friend and make someone's day better not worse. Be there for them though the good times and the bad. Don't leave their side. They will appreciate you one day and maybe help you out as well. Just know that you are a good friend and that your friends love you for who you are and they will stick around if they are a true friend. Do the same for them. Stick around if you are their true friend.


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