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How to Find Your Soulmate:9 Things You Should Do

Updated on June 2, 2017

How To Find Your Soul Mate

The right soul mate will be compatible with you
The right soul mate will be compatible with you

Will You Also Be A Good Soul Mate?

Yaa Dufie has finished her university education, and is working with a reputable bank. She feels she is ready to settle down, marry, and have children, which has been her lifelong desire. She is not yet involved with any man. She wants to have a very good marriage and so wishes to get involved with a man who will be a perfect match for her so that she can enjoy her marriage and have a happy time.

"I have heard people talk about this "soulmate" thing. I understand when you are able to meet your soulmate, the chances that you will have a more enjoyable relationship is increased. I want to find my soulmate because I know of a lot of my friends who entered into relationships and had a miserable time. maybe, they did not connect with their soulmates. I do not want that to happen to me. How can I find my soulmate so that I can have a near perfect marriage?"

Getting married seems challenging enough, but finding your soul mate who will become your spouse and make you happy is also a daunting task. Do you find it difficult to list the qualities you want in your future husband or wife? Most people do. However what about your own qualities? What traits do you have that will help you to contribute to your marriage partner? For example, do you accept your mistakes when they are pointed out to you? Do you accept advice? Are you always on the offensive when you are corrected? Are you generally optimistic and cheerful, or you are pessimistic and tend to exhibit a gloomy disposition, and complain frequently? Remember that marriage will not change your personality. If you are proud and insensitive when single, you will be the same when you marry. Since it is difficult to see yourself the way others see you, why not ask your father or your mother or a trusted friend for frank comments and suggestions on whether you will be a good soul mate? If you learn of changes that could be made, work on these before taking steps to marry. You must make sure you will also be a good soul mate to someone before you look for perfection in your soul mate.

Sit Down And Do Soul Searching

You need to seriously appraise yourself as a person. What temperament do you have? Are you an introvert? If so, do you want to become attached to a person who has the same temperament you have (because you may understand each other better, thereby making it easier to adjust when you are in a relationship), or do you want a person with a different temperament so that there will be a representation of different personalities in your house? Some people feel the different personalities compliment each other and help to maintain a stable relationship.

You also have to consider your routine activities. If you are someone who likes to keep indoors, do you think you will be comfortable with someone who likes to spend most of their time out of the house? Do you think you will be able to manage the likely consequences of that choice, which is likely to be disagreements? If you feel confident that you can handle someone who likes engaging in activities you may not necessarily enjoy, then you can go on to look at other things.

Soul Mate Hunting

Having convinced yourself of exactly what you want to see in your dream man or woman, you have to take action and actively go on the hunt for this man or woman. Just sitting around and hoping you will meet somebody by chance may not do the trick.

Sit down and think of the most probable places you can meet the person who meets the criteria you have set. For example, if you like partying and visiting night clubs every week-end, and you want a woman who also likes ‘‘the night life,’’ then you should seek for your soul mate in a night-club. If you are a born-again Christian and you would like to settle down with someone who shares your spiritual vision, then you should turn your attention to men or women in the youth groups in your church. Make friends with members of the opposite sex in your target group in these places. Start with many friends of the opposite sex, to begin with, and as time goes on and you get to know them better, you can focus on a few you think meet your standards for a husband or wife.

Taking It Further

Eventually, narrow down your search to the one person you think you can spend the rest of your life on Earth with. Get to know the person on a personal level. Find out if both of you share some interests. You will find it hard to get along if you do not have any interests in common. But if you can do certain things (which you both like) together from time to time, such as a shared interest in gardening or doing charitable deeds in your neighborhood, and you enjoy the time together, it is a sign you have found your soul mate.

Checkout If You Are Compatible

One of the causes of break up in relationships is incompatibility of the couple. This results in frequent quarrels and fights which weaken the foundations of the relationship, and eventually cause the relationship to collapse if the disagreements cannot be resolved.

Therefore, you need to know the aspirations of the person. If his aspirations in life are similar to yours and the deviation from your aspirations is not so great, then it is a sign you have found your soul mate. For example, if he wants to become the Chief Executive Officer of the company he is working for, and you also have ambitions to rise higher in your career, and in his conversations with you he sees you as contributing to his success and sharing in the rewards of his success, he is your soul mate because he factors you in his bigger plans. Conversely, if his aspirations deviate widely from yours, if he does not want to have children, for example, and you love children and want to have as many as you can, then he may not be your soul mate. Such a wide deviation in aspirations is likely to destabilize your relationship in the future.

You Will Desire To Be With Them Often

When you meet someone who treats you well and you feel you can share something special with that person, you normally tend to gravitate emotionally towards the person. That is to say, you always want to be in the presence of this person because he or she makes you feel extremely comfortable and confident around them because they try to treat you like a royal. If being in his presence removes all feelings of nervousness, inferiority, and insecurity, it signifies there is an emotional connection and a sign he may be your soul mate

Use Facebook

One of the ways you can find your soulmate is to be active on Facebook and engage with people of the opposite sex.

send requests to groups that espouse the things you are oin etrested in. For exmple, if you have a strong interest in bird wacthing, join about five bird wacthing groups on Facebook. If your passion is soccer, find groups that have been cerated to offer a platform for people interested in soccer to connect. Go through the profiles of memebers of these groups who are people of the opposite sex. You are likely to see a face that will attract you, or to ee a profile that will amke you feel, "This person seems an interesting person. I need to make a connection with him or her." On the other hand, as you go through the profiles, you will just feel drawn to certain people. SEnd friend requests to the people who you feel drawn to without any tangible explanation.

Develop a friednship with those of them who will respond to your friend request. AS you get t know each other, you will get to know if a person is your soul mate by the rapport you are able to develop as friends. You will feel very comfrotable with your soulmate, and the friednship will go easy.


Prayer is one thing you can use to find your soulmate. Since God created both of you, He knows the person He created to be your other half, and He is the best person to consult, if you want to know who your soulmate is.

How do you consult the Omnipotent and Omniscient One to find out who your soulmate is? By praying. Prayer helps you to connect to God spiritually so that He can reveal things to you. You can offer up a prayer such as, "Dear God, Omnipotent and Omniscient Father, I know you created me. I also know you have a created a soulmate for me to serve as my companion and helper here on Earth. I do not know who this person is as at yet, but I want to know. I know that person will give me some amount of joy whilst I am here on Earth. Please show me my soulmate and help me to know when I meet him( or her). Let me know and I will give you glory. Thank you for answering my prayer. Amen." Then with faith in your heart, start searching, knowing God will lead you to your soulmate.

Praying about it does not mean you just sit down and expect God to drop a man or woman into your life. When you pray, you must still do some things, such as looking around for a person of the opposite sex. The role of prayer is that it makes you involve God so that whilst you are looking, God will tell you, by conviction, or by providential circumstances (you will meet a man or woman and just feel "This is my soulmate"), or you will have the prompting of an inner voice (you will feel attracted to someone, try to shake off that feeling, but the feeling will persist, or you will meet someone, start thinking a lot about that person and keep hearing a voice say,"This is the one," try to get them out of your mind, but try as you may, you will keep hearing the voice, and continue thinking about that person)

Go to LinkedIn

Pray a prayer such as, "God, lease help me to make a connection with my soulmate here," and then log into your LinkedIn account. Find people of the opposite sex to connect with. When they accept your connection request, find time and pull up their profiles one by one. When you pull out a profile, look silently at the picture of the person for a few seconds and see whether you feel within yourself that there is a connection. If you feel a connection, then pray a prayer such as, "God, is this my soulmate? Please let me know." Then, engage the person and get to know him or her better. If you feel perfectly at ease in your soul and spirit when you communicate, if you feel happy whenever you get a message from him or her, if you feel this sense of peace when you engage the person, if you feel pain when the person tells you about some pain they are going through, or if you find that you have a lot of interests in common, and many of your life goals and ambitions are similar, that person may be your soulmate. You can ask for confirmation from God by praying about it.


If you want to find your soulmate, reflect on the kind of person you want, actively search for this person, use social media, and seek God's help. When you find him, let him feel great to be your friend till you feel the time is right to take the relationship to another level, and then develop a strong relationship with him.

How To Find Your Soul Mate

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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 11 months ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I'd like to believe that my soul mate is out there somewhere. Thanks for an informative and helpful hub.