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How To Keep Your Relationship Exciting and New as Ever

Updated on March 8, 2016

New relationships are always exciting. It’s fun to know each other and spend more and more time together. This gives a lot of pleasure and amusement. Learning different things about your partner, the likes and dislikes, habits, lifestyle and plans of your partner can be very interesting. But when you’re involved in a relationship for a very long time, then things can get a bit dull and boring. Suddenly you might lose the passion and the interest in the relationship.

It’s not unnatural. It can happen. If it happens, then the relationship can get hurt very badly. There can be misunderstanding, suspicion and many other things which can totally destroy your relationship.


Some Tips on How You Can keep your Relationship Exciting and new as Ever

So it’s very important to keep things new and exciting always so that you don’t ever feel bored. Here are some tips on how you can keep your relationship exciting and new as ever.


Boredom and dullness is very normal. Human mind can suffer from these any time. It’s not someone’s fault. So if this thing happens to your relationship, the first step is not to worry and not to feel guilty. You just need to keep calm, take your time and figure things out. But if you’re wondering how to keep this boredom and dullness out of your relationship, then here are some pointers.

  • First of all, try to spice things up always. Do different things which you love to do together. You can redecorate the house, go for shopping or go for a long drive.
  • Visit those places which are memorable in your relationship. You can visit where you’ve first met, the place of your first date or somewhere else with happy memories. Go there and relive your memories. This helps a lot.
  • Do different things for your partner. Sometimes, little things can mean a lot. You can cook dinner for your partner, or decorate your partner’s room, or help your partner with any of his/her work. These things will keep your partner happy and more interested in you.
  • Do not reveal all of your secrets and your choices or anything too quick. Take time to open up. If you open up too soon, then there will be nothing to know about you, right? So it’s better to take things slow rather than going too fast.
  • Surprise each other. It’s a very important thing. Keep your partner interested and happy by surprising with pleasant things. It can be a present, a pleasant dinner, a long drive or anything. Surprises will keep you close.
  • Stay close to each other no matter what. Closure is a very important thing. Staying away from each other for a long time harm relationships a lot. To keep things spiced up and to maintain a good understanding, closure is very important.
  • When you have a fight, try not to go to silent treatment. If this happens often, then the distance increases and ultimately, the relation may become boring. So whenever you have a fight or argument, try to talk things out and figure out a solution.
  • Most of all, understand each other. Talk a lot, share your problems and expectations with each other. When you understand each other well, then there will be no problems in your relationship. Things will sort out themselves.

One shouldn’t reveal all of his/her personal secrets to one’s partner too quick

In every long term relationships, boredom can come at any moment. It’s not an unusual thing at all. But if this thing continues, then the aftereffects can be very devastating. It can give you wrong directions about your relationship. You might feel low or have a negative impression about your partner. So never allow this to harm your relationship. Always keep things interesting and new.


Do sacrifices for each other’s sake. This is how your relation will remain always as new as ever

These pointers that we’ve talked about are very helpful. But the main thing is nobody knows your partner better than you. So it’s your job to find out what will keep him/her cheered up. So always keep things interesting and cheerful. Understand your partner, support each other and care about each other’s expectations and requirements. Always keep each other close. Do sacrifices for each other’s sake. This is how your relation will remain always as new as ever. Value your relationship. It’s a very beautiful thing indeed.

Value your relationship. It’s a very beautiful thing indeed

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Some very practical suggestions to keep your relationship new and exciting. Good job!

    • Sparkle16 profile image

      James Franklin 2 years ago from USA

      you are welcome

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Some interesting tips on keeping a relationship alive. Thank you for the share...