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Reasons Why Homophobia Is Wasted Time

Updated on October 7, 2017

This mini-article is for the ones who feel the need to harm, discriminate against or kill a homosexual person.

This article is for the homophobes that think a different sexual lifestyle is dangerous to themselves, and who are themselves, a danger to homosexuals as a result of this.

In the spirit of the subject of the acceptance of the fact that people should be allowed to live their life however they want, here I go again.

Here are reasons homophobia is waste of debate and time.


1: Sexuality is Personal

Now this is going to come-off cold, but it is definite. Until made public by the individual, how we all have sex or intercourse is our own business.

This is none of anyone else's business. This is very personal, and physical as well as mental boundaries should be respected.

Nobody tells heterosexuals what they can do with their body sexually. Most of you love feet. Most of you love hands. Most of you get a kick out of donkeys. None of that is missionary, so why all the fuss.

And because of the increased lack of just missionary sex, no one has a right to tell anyone who they can share their body and sexuality with.

We all have relationships. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, but most people only have a problem with the sexual aspect of this choice.

And just like all of our sex lives, it is very personal. So, just go about your business in life and don't think about it.


2: You Are Not A Prophet

Some people, or maybe, a lot of people, think they are automatically called upon to do something about homosexuals because they read it was forbidden in the Bible.

Talk is talk; whatever. Say what you want, just not at a funeral and keep your hands to yourself.

Yet, there are the ones who want to take action against the so-called, abomination, that is homosexuality, and these are the ones that need to understand this point.

You are not a prophet. And if you aspire to be one, you would follow in the teachings of Christ, which means you should be preaching and practicing peace. This is in the new testament. Get out of the old testament it;s not for our era.

This means you need to be fighting the things that kill and cause suffering, such as racism, discrimination, sexism, hatred, greed, poverty, social injustices, and so forth. You should be very busy.

How people are living and have intercourse does not incorporate into any one of these major issues that kill and cause suffering.

Therefore, any attempt to chase down homosexuality and try to get rid of it appears to be worthless as a practicing prophet.

So, you should focus more on the major issues in the world such as the things that kill and foster civil unrest and stop wasting time in cowardice running from these issues.


3: You Are Not The Enforcer

God is God if you truly believe in Him. He never said in the Bible what He was thinking. He only commanded and did things.

Christ did not teach people to harm, kill, or smite someone. What Christ thought and said is in red in the Bible.

First off, God and Christ know a lot of you curse, lie, scheme, kill, abandon, cheat, betray, steal, covet, and so forth. They have to see you or look at you because they know.

Most of these things are forbidden because they are listed as the 10 sins of the 10 Commandments.

Although the world is filled with so many hateful and sinister people, he has not sent down Angels, Hell-Fire, a Huge Rock, a Star, or Meteor Shower to kill them or all of us.

The reason why is unknown. We have no real idea what God wants today nor in the past. We cannot say for sure how He thinks and what He will or will not do. We are and have always been in the dark.

So, if you are feeling or hearing a voice tell you to kill or harm someone, it may be the Devil or yourself.

Overall, you don't need to tell yourself or let yourself be persuaded to eradicate someone or destroy something.

I am certain that Christ, our human example of peace and goodness, did not tell you to kill. And as far as God is concerned, we will all be judged alone, not together.

Only God judges and punishes, and if He needs any assistance it will be from Christ and some angel or a true prophet; not just anybody.


4: You Do Not Need To Be Afraid

Most people will wonder why even speak against the discrimination of homosexuals. Well, peace is very important to me. Others well-being is important to me also.

If a strong majority of us are inclined to hate, we will be destined to repeat history and doom ourselves.

We don't need to even come close to allowing another Adolf Hitler, war, and systematic murder due to racism and hatred. An orator with a lie in their heart using religion and exaggeration to get a desired outcome that leads to discrimination, hatred, then the neglect of a certain culture of people, adding to more destruction of our American values, which will take our country all the way back to the ideologies of the 30s; then WE become the kettle calling the pot black. In man case we already are. Senseless violence happens too often already in the black community and to a lot of other races in this country. We have the ideology of Hitler spanning across decades like it was born today. We can see how powerful and dangerous it is to embrace hatred and inequality by looking at the world's history and the history of cultures and races in the United States.

That you disagree with homosexuality is fine. However, it is nothing to be afraid of. You will have nothing to pay for. You are not that person and they are not you. They will not pay for your sins and you will not pay for theirs.

No need to fear judgement in THIS regard when you die. Because from my experience, when we die, Hell or Heaven is a blink.

Last Note

It is sad that we even have to deal with racism, sexism, and discrimination in this day and age. You are wasting your time trying to change something that you have nothing to do with.

I bought up God and Christ because they are sued as the basis for discrimination against the LGBTQ community. If you want to honor God and Christ, be courageous and stand-up for the weak, be strong and fight against your own temptations and hate so as not to become a shepherd of the devil.

So many people embrace hate and continue to allow evil to dictate their actions, which only creates more hate and evil actions. You are delusional if you think someone is going to allow themselves to suffer because you disagree with the way they live.

Stop wasting your time. Stop trying to stand in the way of something that has nothing to do with you. And especially, stop being afraid for absolutely no reason.


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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 21 months ago

      You are welcome !

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 21 months ago from Williamston NC

      Hey, thanks for reading @ahorseback! I am so glad to hear you think this and I hope there are many more like you. People are people, what we do is private, and respect is definitely needed in the world. Thanks again.


    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 21 months ago

      You know , I don't believe there are too many people who wouldn't still love their closest friend , brother , son , daughter who came or comes out ! But the problem today is that too many minorities where that badge on their sleeve looking for a fight . I always looked at it like "what would I do if my beloved came to me and said , I'm gay "? And , I'm more right than left , politically ! Be honest , be non- committed to conflict , be fair and most people will love you anyway ! I have worked for a few gay customers in the home remodeling trades , and personally ,I believe they are the best of us most times !