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How To Love A Woman-8 Simple Ways

Updated on May 31, 2015


Okay men the BIG one million dollar question how do you love a woman? It's hard to believe but a lot of men don't actually know what love is all about. Some don't even know what the word love means. So, how do you actually love a woman? Well I am here to help you out on that.

Love is defined as a sexual passion, someone who you have the utmost affection towards, and someone whom you can't let go of. If you have this feeling and are not quite sure what it is all about. You LOVE them. Now the next question, what do you do about it?

There are 10 ways that a man can give as much love as he feels about a woman right back towards her. I am ready to let you in on the secret of true love.

Step One

Love yourself. Men you don't like to admit it but sometimes you have a hard time liking who you are. To love someone to the fullest you have to love yourself. To give your woman the confidence and respect you have to have the same for yourself. In a relationship it's hard to share a bond if you don't like who you are or your personal image. Don't worry though, you can express this to you special someone and you can both work together on loving yourself. It will only make your bond more stronger.

Step Two

Tell her you love her. Many relationships can come to end by you not expressing that you love her. A woman is built differently and we have to be reminded often that we are needed. A woman is NOT confidant and needs to hear you say it occasionally first. It gives her a little ease of mind and will make your life a whole lot easier.

Step Three

Let the past be the past. Don't judge relationships on things that have happened in the past. It is called the past for a reason. You have to keep reminding yourself that we learn from past mistakes and they make us wiser in the long run. If she or you has done bad things or has hurt you in someway. Believe that that mistake has been an eye opener and that everyone is human bound to make a mistake.

Ex's are often a cause for future breakups. Remember that the name Ex is there for a reason. They are no reason for you to worry now. She is with you for a reason. having doubt in a relationship or marriage can be VERY bad on both sides.

Step Four

Always give. Love is about giving not receiving. Love is something that you cherish and would give anything to keep. When you give her a special gift or a special note do not automatically think you deserve one in return. This is about you giving to her to let her know how much you wouldn't trade anything in the world for her.

Step Five

Start fresh every day. Many marriages/relationships do not last due to people assuming that the person they marry will always be the same. NO, they will not! Being a human means that the changes and experiences we go threw change our whole outlook on life. Be sure to ask questions about everything new they have experienced.

Make her fall in love with you everyday. When you go to do something special for her every single day a woman will never forget it. You will be closer together as a couple more than ever, and she will repay you for your outstanding behavior!

Step Six

Yes, we know we can be annoying at times, but pay attention to us. For a woman we need to know that we have full attention. When you just ignore us we take it personally that you don't care.

Men, you need to find a balance of how much ignoring your woman can take. Some are fine with being ignored and shove it off as how men behave. Some on the other hand take offense to it and can make them quite upset. If you happen to ignore her a lot maybe you should sit down and tell her why you are ignoring her. She might be nagging to much. Be sure to express to her how her nagging makes you feel, but men she may be nagging because you are doing something wrong. So, try to work out an agreement about this.

Step Seven

Don't forget your blessings in life. Many men tend to forget why they fell in love with their special someone. I know I said don't live in the past, but don't forget all the good times together either. I highly recommend you keep a little journal of why you love her and memories with her you would never want to forget. This way when you get into an argument that you think is the end of everything and nothing can change you can look back and remind you why you are still with this person.

Step Eight

Love her for her. Don't try to change your woman into something that she is not. You have to see past her flaws, accept them and realize that no one is perfect. A woman needs to know that you love her for who she is. Women a very judgmental towards themselves and need to know that you love them no matter what. Even if she gains five pounds. She NEEDS to know!

Don't Give Up!

If you follow these eight simple steps your woman will never fall out of love with you. You will show her that you love her and want to prove it to her.


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    • profile image

      rechell 3 years ago

      how i wish my boyfriend could read and apply this to me.. :'( he's very possessive and demanding

    • TonzOfThoughtz profile image

      TonzOfThoughtz 6 years ago from Texas

      Anyone who dwells on their past relationship and can't let it go will find their new relationship will suffer until they have personally resolved it within their own mind (however they have to do it to let it go-everyone processes differently I believe). Some good points made for sure!

    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 6 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Right on the money, and great advice. I wish all men could read this hub. def. voted up!