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Small Town Love: How To Find A Long Lasting Lesbian Relationship

Updated on October 3, 2011

Tired of being in dramatic relationships that seem to hold you back and create unnecessary negative emotion? Tired of feeling like there is no one out there for you? Small towns are the homes of thousands of homosexual individuals. And there are things that you can do if you're tired of dating people based solely on the fact that they're gay too. There is no exact science to finding love, but here are some steps that you can take to insure you're looking in the right places, and if you do find love, how to maintain a healthy relationship.

Meeting new people doing what you love is a great way to begin a new relationship!
Meeting new people doing what you love is a great way to begin a new relationship! | Source

Where To Look

I obviously cannot tell you where to find lesbians, but what I can tell you is roughly 1 in 10 people consider themselves homosexuals. In small towns, that number is probably lower. Chances are if you're a lesbian you know quite a few lesbians in your area too. Depending on your age you probably have different formats in which you socialize. Bars, in my experience are not the best places to find the love of your life. Here are a few locations that I have met some great people: Coffee shops, college campuses, and volunteer organizations. Any location where conversation can occur without interfering in professional responsibility is always an option. Some people prefer to use online dating sites, which may work great for some; however in small towns the likelihood that you'll meet people in an appropriate distance is small. Meeting people in an environment that you enjoy can be a great step in finding long lasting love. This will also allow you to continue your relationship and have a common way to socialize after the relationship begins to build.

Communication Is Key

Communication, and I mean honest communication, is the best way to determine if a relationship is worth pursuing. If both parties start off getting to know each other as friends, there is no reason to pretend you are something that you are not—and you get to know the bad and the good. If an attraction still remains after you get to know each other, the limits are endless. We all have made the mistake of jumping into a relationship too fast, and most of the time this proves to be a bad decision. There is no harm in taking time to establish that the relationship is going to a positive impact on both parties involved and that small amount of time can make a big difference in the duration of the relationship.

How To Avoid Jealousy

I’ve often noticed that jealousy has played a huge role in causing unnecessary stress on lesbian relationships. This issue, especially in small towns, seems to stem from the small amount of lesbians in rural areas. When lesbians date based primarily on the fact that their sexual preference is the only thing they have in common, jealousy can occur. Think about it, if another woman with similar interests’ starts hanging around your girlfriend or partner, it’s only natural to become jealous because they are having a connection that you cannot provide. This is why it is essential to establish relationships based on somewhat similar interests, and ultimately feel secure with your partner.

Lastly, one important thing I have discovered from my small town is that just because a woman may not have a history of dating other women doesn’t mean they are not interested. People hide all sorts of things about themselves and admitting their attraction to women is not something most people lay on the table during a first conversation. Get to know people, stay true to yourself and you may find that a long lasting relationship is closer than you think!

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