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How To Make A Cancer Woman Fall In Love With You - Simple!

Updated on April 11, 2022 | Source

Let's Start With A Cancer Female's Personality?

In general, the cancer females are so down to earth.They love to express themselves and make people understand them, you may find them always talking a lot and just speaking out what they have inside their hearts, they're just like an open book.

They would be known as introvert persons due to the fact that they love loneliness and taking some quality time while relaxing near the nature and the clean refreshing air.

They love and appreciate honesty and they're always ready to be honest with whoever as long as they find the respect they're seeking for.

A cancer female would always give and not expect to get anything in return because she knows that expecting things from people can lead to some bad disappointments sometimes.

Her bad traits may be:

Impatient, lazy, moody, gets easily mad and irritated and very sensitive!

A cancer female is never judgmental and she always has respect for everyone whether she gets a bad or a good treatment from someone because she believes that when people don't respect her, it would be because these people are lacking self-respect and not because she's not a respectful person.

In other words, cancer women are so caring! They also love to show and receive that as they know that loving and caring are the most precious things in life and when they get these, they would feel like the whole world is theirs! | Source

How To Make Her Fall In Love With You?

What you have read from her personality alone can let you know the simple signs! Which are " Care, support, truth, loyalty & actions "

A cancer woman can love anyone who shows her enough care! Yes, care! Even if she wouldn't have any interest in you at all, if you show her you really care about her by asking about her, helping her & keeping the communication - you can really win her heart! - Even though, she's always skeptical and warned about getting into deep relationships and she usually never puts her full trust in someone as she finds this her way for defending her emotions & she goes along with this rule: " No expectations = No disappointments " She doesn't like these!

If you hurt her, she can forgive you if you show her your persistence and real wish to be forgiven but don't you think that you can always play it this way because she has her limits to forgiveness too! Or let's say " Her attachments to you ".

She loves long & deep hugs so make sure to give her that as she feels so secured and safe when she gets hugged like this.


Remember that if you win her once it doesn't mean that you can win her twice or third times as she's always cautious about not repeating her same mistakes again, if you break her heart she would approximately need two months to fix her mental & emotional states again, after fixing these things you can never expect her to come back to you ever again!

Also remember the basics! The things you've done in order to make her love you, what were they? - ex: care, endless love & what's related to compassion - if you stop giving her these things she will be gradually losing her interest in you until she also stops loving you.

Side note:

When she asks you to listen to her favorite music for example, listen! And show your interest! She wouldn't actually share what she loves with you if she doesn't feel that she's into you <== Signs that she's starting to care about you!

You're having a crush on a cancer lady and your astrology sign is...?

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