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How To Make A Great Relationship Even If There's An Age Difference

Updated on June 22, 2009

When you're alot older than your partner, being around them may make you feel young again. The relationship can be fun, exciting, and enjoyable. but how could you love them for them regardless of the age difference?

Here's how:

  • Just disregard the age difference. Look at your partner as a lover, not as a parent. Do things for them as if he/she is your age. Express to him/her what you like/dislike and find out the same from them. Don't just take him/her somewhere because you think it may be something that you think they'll like to do becuase of their age.

  • Don't think they're just "going for the gold". If you're fortunate enough to have alot of money, it's understandable if you're used to putting up a guard.You may guard your money, and your heart. But what if your partner is not after your money, would you be willing to open up to him/her?

If you have a partner who's giving their all in a relationship, then they truly care about you. Put alot of effort in your relationship and make a change by doing things for them. Give them the same amount of love and attention as you would with someone's around your age. just making a small change in your mindset can have a huge impact on your relationship.


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