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How To Make A Man Love You Again

Updated on November 15, 2014 | Source

To Make A Man Love You

Break ups can be really harsh especially for the one who's still in love with that particular person who wanted break up or who caused it for whatever that reason of break up was, you have to know the causes first and try to fix them or change them.

Getting a man to love you again can't be really hard and if he really loved you once then there's absolutely a away and a hope to maybe find him loving you again.

Now, here are some tips to help you make him love you again!

After The Break Up

Let's say you broke up with your man a week ago and things have cooled a little bit here, you know after the drama that you have probably done and the tears that you've shed, you're a little bit stronger now and you feel that you can go on without him but you're still attached to him in a away or in another and you still want him to be loving you.

Here's my point here, you're stronger now! Which means you can really pass a whole day without talking to him or hearing anything from him, this is good because it will make you stop being sticky -more like an obsessed woman- since guys hate sticky women and might just fear the idea of having a woman who keeps on following them. | Source

Check On Him

Now after these 4 days or one week, you can send him a text to ask about him and if he doesn't instantly reply don't send him anything asking why he didn't reply, just ignore as if you have sent the message to a friend that you really don't care about, maybe he was busy and couldn't reply to you when you first sent him the message and then he forgot to check his phone again for your message and to reply, do not send him another message! Even if he doesn't reply for the whole day or for like 4 days, if he still cares even 1% I'm sure that he'll be eventually replying.

When he replies, act normal and don't bring back anything from the past! Let him know how strong you are and how you have moved on, this will make him wonder how and why and how fast you can forget, well let him wonder!

Be sweet and just make yourself believe that you've just met him and act normal, don't go into details with him and try to write short sentences, most men don't like long sentences and sometimes they ignore them, you can also avoid getting a disappointment from when he replies with " Okay " after you've written a big long story, you can add some smileys to improve the conversation and make it sweeter.


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    • Gek Aka profile image

      Geof Awunyo 3 years ago from London

      I did have a break up before it was very painful and devastating.. I don't wish it even for my enermies