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How To Make A Winter Wedding Shine At A Venue In London

Updated on January 21, 2015

A Magical Winter Wedding

Winter weddings have a magical appeal. If you are planning to arrange a winter wedding on a low budget, you can do it with a little planning. Plan for a wedding in London city, with a judicious use of funds that you have for the day. Make your wedding a magical event with these preparations:

Perfect Ambience
Perfect Ambience

Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

Looking for the Right Venue

Look For the Ambience Over Popularity

While looking for a winter wedding venue in London, it is proper to pay attention to its ambience, instead of its popularity. Find a venue that has the elements of romance and love. A right ambience will make the day memorable for both of you. You can pick up a historical space, or a modern edifice that you are looking for.

Look For the Venue In Right Area of London

London has enough venues all around. You need to book a venue in the right area that keeps your guests comfortable. Long travel to reach the venue taxes the guests’ interests. Book a venue at an area that keeps you close to the home.

Venues Need To Support the Season

Find a winter special venue that supports the season. You would not like getting frozen in the chill of the season in the opens. Nor a venue dulled by walls. So make the choice by giving enough thought to it.

Crystal Decorations
Crystal Decorations
Seasonal Decoration
Seasonal Decoration


Very often people spend a lot of money on decorations. You can be wise, and do miracle with a limited amount. So find out the winter wedding venue decoration trends and mould them to suit yourself.

Decorate It With Crystals

Crystal gives a mesmerising ambience. You can choose to decorate your venue in London with lot of silver and crystals. Use chandeliers, candle stands, and centrepieces. Play up the winter feeling with the wedding theme. Use plenty of crystals on the tables to decorate and place coloured Victorian gazing balls and snow globes in the room. Mirrors will be ideal to play up the reflective qualities of the crystals.

Add A Hot Beverage Bar

Everyone likes a hot beverage. Keeping a hot beverage bar in the wedding hall will add charm and warmth to the space. The guests can warm themselves up on a cold day with gourmet coffee, tea, and hot cocoas. Put out few personalised keepsake mugs as wedding favours for the guests.

Use The Season To Decorate The Venue

If your wedding is held at Christmas, decorate the venue with tinsel, stockings, wreaths, and a Christmas tree. For a wedding on New Year’s Eve, you can use paper streamers, champagne bottles, and top hats to decorate the hall. If you are planning the wedding near Valentine’s Day, decorate with pink and red hearts and lots of silk bunting.

Fairy Theme
Fairy Theme


Choosing an ideal theme for the winter wedding is always fun. The bride will find a plenty of interesting themes for the winter wedding. Bridal Directory is one of the best sources where they can check out some amazing wedding themes. While the only limit for a theme is your imagination or the budget. Here are some of the unique winter wedding themes that you can consider:

Fairy Theme Wedding

For your whimsical tastes, you can find many fun themes that work only during this time of the year. One of the amazing winter wedding themes is a Jack Frost/Fairy fantasy. This theme can be ideally used in early December, just before the Christmas holidays. For this wedding theme, hold your wedding somewhere it is cold and snowy.

New Year’s Theme Wedding

Another brilliant idea for a winter wedding is a New Year’s Eve wedding. A New Year’s Eve theme will be lot of fun, as the family and friends will not have as many commitments as they have for Christmas. They can easily attend the wedding and reception as everyone has New Year’s Day off. Decorations at New Year’s wedding should include plenty of gold, black, and white balloons tied with streamers and ribbons.

Vintage Theme Wedding

This type of theme wedding has become extremely popular in past few years. 1920’s Art Deco/Flapper style or 1920’s night in the cabaret is some of the most sought after vintage themes in London. Decide how historically accurate your wedding should be and choose a right London venue for having a great vintage wedding.

Choose the winter to tie the knot and plan your wedding at top winter wedding venues in London. You will get great hospitality and flawless service at these London venues.


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    • ameliam.michelle1 profile image

      Ameliam Michelle 6 years ago from London, England


    • agreenworld profile image

      Dawn A. Harden 6 years ago from CT-USA

      Good tips. As a wedding planner among other things, I always suggest to the couple that the reception, which is a reflection of them, be about the fun they want to share with others.

      Their own personalities should show through. Instead of walking into the venue wondering what happened. This can be done on any budget too. Looking for the deals makes the planning that much more fun and exciting.