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How To Make Him Fall In Love With You More

Updated on November 29, 2012

Love is beautiful

Love as we all know, is a beautiful thing, so let’s not go into that for now because we all need it irrespective of our claims. Now, how do you make him fall in love with you outside the physical attraction? Read on…

Remember, I am not here to teach you how to attract a man because I strongly believe that as a girl or a woman, nature has bestowed it in you already, the power to attract any man of your desire, except you need guide on how to use your feminine wits to attract a man of your choice, in that case, I would suggest you check back for my soon to be published article on that topic.

Meanwhile, at this moment, I believe that you have succeeded in getting his attention towards admiring you and possibly making move for a romantic journey, and you have also agreed to his proposal of a date, and the next question on your mind now is: how do I make him fall truly in love with me for good?

Remember again that the first thing that attract majority of men to a lady is the lady’s physical looks, which varies from one man to another. What do I mean by this? I meant that a certain man may fall for a lady just because of her eyes or her breast size, while another man may fall for her voice, hip, nose, neck or sometimes tummy, so it all varies from man to man, but after you have succeeded in attracting this man via your physical appearance, how then do you sustain this attraction and make him fall head over heels in love with you without just seeing you as one of those regular beautiful ladies out there that he and his circle of friends do meet daily?

This is where most ladies get it wrong, especially the beautiful ladies- they always end up believing that their physical beauty is all that’s needed to make a guy fall in love with them and still stay in love with them as time flies, fowl, fowl, fowl!

In as much as men value a woman’s physical beauty, believe me that it only matters to majority of men during the first attraction that drew their attention to woo the woman, and that’s why you see lots of great men with so much wealth and everything getting happily married to some ladies you see as ‘not so pretty’, whereas they had been dating and moving around with super-pretty ladies. Yes to you as a woman, it’s unfair, but believe me it is not, when you discover why men act that way, of which you will soon discover here, so read on.

Some beautiful ladies have created a wrong impression about the entire beautiful women world, and for this, majority of men end up believing that every beautiful woman is nothing but an ‘airhead’ with only one common value to offer- her physical beauty, and hence, men end up seeing them as sex symbols only good for sexual satisfaction.

It’s so disheartening to know that majority of beautiful women always fail to develop themselves intellectually, career-wise and in most other crucial human activities as a result of their obsession with their beauty and pride. On the contrary, most average-looking women knowing quite well that they are lacking physically, end up finding ways to complement their physical shortcomings, and in the process, they end up developing themselves in so many ways- career, fashion, home chores, cooking, manner, etc, which happens to be the qualities most men crave for in a woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

How To Make Him Stay Committed To You

Contrary to what majority of single ladies are saying today that no man wants to be committed to a lady anymore, or that men are now cowards and heart breakers, I want to bring to your esteemed knowledge that many a men are out there searching desperately for a woman to entrust their heart and emotion with, but the problem is are there still trustworthy single ladies out there, who aren’t just looking for an already made man to milk and claim to love him?

Believe me, if you can prove to any single guy that you are worth entrusting his heart to, and that you are not one of those 21st century ladies jumping around city in search of blue chip guys to squander wealth on them, then you are on your way to the altar seriously.

I know I am sounding one-sided with this topic, but I have to if I must open your eyes to knowing the secrets of making a man fall in love with you and beg for commitment.

The 21st century men are tired of meeting ladies who are just after money, cars, fashion, hotels, gadgets, parties and drinks, they are desperately searching for women of virtue, including those guys you see at night clubs and brothels, they all want a virtuous woman, that’s one funny thing about men- they want to eat their cake and still have it, so as a lady, try harder to hide the cake from them and give it to them later when they truly need it.

Every single guy I come across today ends up complaining the same thing, why? They keep crying that today ladies are just after money and material things, that all they care for is to acquire the latest phone gadgets, wear Rihanna and Beyonce outfits, dine in the best hotels and restaurants, drive the trendiest cars, and put on the best jewelry; mostly from a guy’s pocket, and these same ladies still expect to be loved, come on. Or do you guys think what Jay Z and Beyonce, Kim K and Kanye West, etc are doing on media are what we call true love? Maybe if that’s your assumption, then you need to think twice cos those things are just media hypes meant to boost their celebrity status- they all are far from true love!

The concept of love is simple, and if you want true love, then you have to follow that concept, how? Remember, you only love something that’s important to you, and before something can be important to you, it must have value to you, and before something can be valued, it must be serving a rare purpose that other things you have can’t serve.

Now, you are a girl, and the only thing you bring into a relationship is sex and nothing more, how do you expect to be valued to even talk of being loved genuinely by the guy? Sex is a common service which all girls can as well render even better than you no matter how perfect you are in it, there must be someone else more perfect than you, so?

Let’s take for instance, if something happens to you physically- an accident, a disaster, just name it, and you end up losing your physical appearance and attraction, now tell me, what other value can you offer to the guy if it was only sex that you brought into the relationship?

Seriously, if you want a guy to fall genuinely in love with you even after the initial attraction, then you have to offer him some extra values to let him know that you are a girl he won’t ever find elsewhere if he tries to mess up, and believe me if you can do this, no man will ever want to play with you for real. But what do we have today? Single ladies who believe that because they are females, they are entitled to depend solely on a man in exchange for sex services, gosh!

Now, another mistake some ladies make is this: haven heard all that’s been said about women depending financially on a man, they have made a decision to work hard to earn money to take care of their needs without having to ask from a man, and in their one-way mind, they end upholding the message wrongly to the extent that they now rock shoulders with every guy they come across, they become female tyrants, ungovernable and unapproachable thinking that’s what being an independent woman meant, wrong! Being independent doesn’t mean you should be arrogant, ungovernable, unruly, proud, difficult to cope with, come on that’s a wrong understanding and this is one major reason you still see most successful working class single ladies single and seriously searching even though they won’t say so, but they long to be loved. Humility is a virtue, and it should be on the top list of every woman that desires to find true everlasting love.

Summary of how to make a man fall genuinely in love with you

- Be humble- no matter your position, beauty and status (financial, social & political), always be humble to your man and other people around, it makes him respect and worship you in return.

- Add value to his life- sex and beauty are not enough to make a man fall genuinely in love with you believe me. Make him understand that you are a rare gem that he cannot find elsewhere if he mistakenly loses you, how? Help him focus and develop his career, don’t always wait for him to be the one to take you out, sometime surprise him.

- Try not to be a liability to him- yes, he is your man, but remember that you’re not yet his legally married wife, so minimize the way you ask him for unnecessary financial favors so you don’t end up being a liability he would want to run away from.

- Develop your career- every man of today wants to associate with a productive woman and not an idle one, so try as much as you can to develop your career, business, handwork, craft or trade and be serious and dedicate to it and you will see him falling more in love with you.

- Take care of yourself- in as much as physical beauty is not the only thing that can make a man fall in love with you, it is at the same time very necessary in keeping a man attracted to you with time, so don’t ignore your looks, try always to take care of your skin, shape and general appearance. Eat fruits regularly, they help a lot in nourishing the human body, exercise as often as you can, and please try to watch your tummy because beauty of a woman begins from the tummy.

- Delay sex but offer romance- rushing into sex with a man will naturally reduce his passion for you, so try as much as possible to delay sex while keeping the romance alive via emotional displays to convince him that you’re truly attracted to him. Though this doesn’t work for every man- some may still love you or loving you more even after sleeping with you, so it all depends, but generally, it’s not advisable for a lady to offer sex too early in a relationship.

- Be his friend- most relationships fail because the two parties weren’t best friends but enemies trying to co-habit. Now you may be wondering what I mean by ‘be his friend’? it simply means what you already know as being someone’s friend. If you are his friend, when romance tries to fade off, friendship will keep you two going until the romance is sparked up again, that’s how it works.

- Listen to him when he talks- most ladies are guilty of this, when they are talking the guy listens, but when the guy is talking, they remember to press on their gadgets or to tune up the volume of the TV, etc. if you are guilty of this, please change before you lose them all.

- Don’t talk about marriage- I know you are shocked to hear this, but that’s the truth. Majority of men are naturally afraid of marriage aside their desire for kids, so therefore, if you want him to love you more, pretend not to be interested in marrying him and see him bombarding you with questions like ‘won’t you like to spend the rest of your life with me?’ another secret about this is the fact that naturally, men love to acquire something that proves difficult for them to have.

- Praise him whenever necessary- every man wants to be a king, a ruler in fact, so even though he is not one, make him feel like he is ruling and see him struggling to please you. When he achieves new thing at work, try to praise him, when he meets a new target, praise him, when he buys you a gift, praise him and believe me he would desire to buy you bigger gifts, that’s men for you.

See you some other time…do have a happy love life, ciao!


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