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How To Make A Man Want You ~ 7 Ways To Win A Guy

Updated on October 8, 2016
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Fresh perspective on dating issues compiled in consultation with friends in North America, Australia and African nations.

Here's the winning formula for how to make a guy want you enough to chase you around the world if necessary. To really catch his attention and make a man want you, you need to capture him on three levels:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional.

The girl who looks gorgeous has a head-start of course. But if she bores a man with her stupid comments and fails to connect emotionally, she'll lose him ... to you, if you play your cards right.

To win your man, you need to target his:

  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Heart.

So, there's what you need to remember. Now here's a clear and easy 7 tips.

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1) Be Attractive

You want to catch the eye of the guy you like, so make yourself visually attractive. This can mean different things to different individuals. But if you want to make a guy like you, there's a few basics involved in successfully presenting yourself as someone worth pursuing.

  • Be clean. That includes your hair and fingernails.
  • Clothes that get grubby during the course of a day at work are understandable and fine. But never wear clothes you've slopped soup on, or if you've dripped spaghetti sauce. That just looks grubby.
  • Wear outfits that fit you. Don't squish yourself into clothing that's too small. You'll look more attractive if you look comfortable.

2) Be Confident

Yes, some men fall for the shrinking violet. But how long can she hold his attention? If you are a naturally shy girl who wants to make a guy like you, you really should work on your self-confidence.

  • Find something you're good at, and do it more often.
  • Try something new, and feel good about improving at it.
  • Bask in the warm glow when you are given a compliment. Say 'thank you' instead of just blushing and refusing to accept positive feedback.

Confidence is very attractive. Meet a man's gaze, and enjoy your interaction.
Confidence is very attractive. Meet a man's gaze, and enjoy your interaction.

3) Keep Him Guessing

We all like a bit of mystery in our lives. Boredom kills romance, so don't be too predictable.

  • Don't agree with everything, unless you genuinely agree. (Even if you feel lucky enough to have found someone who shares your opinion on absolutely everything, you'd still do well to occasionally keep him guessing.)
  • Surprise him every now and then.
  • Wear something different.
  • Suggest something you normally wouldn't do.
  • Be brave enough to show disapproval if he gets out of line.

4) Set A Man A Challenge

In case you haven't noticed, most men like a challenge.

  • If he really wants a job, he'll keep trying until he gets one.
  • If he really wants a raise, he'll work hard to impress his boss.
  • If he really wants a particular type of car, he'll scour the internet looking for one.
  • And if he really wants a girl, he'll move mountains to win her.

You shouldn't make yourself unattainable. Don't create too many obstacles for the poor guy or he might give up. But certainly set a man a challenge. If he wants you, he'll chase you. And win you!

5) Make A Guy Want You When You Are Not Available

Yes, you might accept his first offer of dinner or a movie. You go out and have a great time. Then what? Will you automatically become available every time he approaches you? Or will you make him fit in with other commitments you have?

There's every chance he'll have some kind of sport or work or other commitment he feels the need to keep. You'll have to wait to see him. And while you're waiting, you'll be wanting him.

It works both ways. Being unavailable because you're busy elsewhere will make a man want you. It gives him time to think about how much he enjoys your company. How much he misses you. How much he likes you. And how much he wants you!

6) Captivate Him With Your Conversation

What you say and how you say it can catch a guy on both a mental and emotional level. Or it can turn him off and push him away.

  • Don't just talk for the sake of talking. Have a conversation.
  • Listen to what he says, and build on it.
  • Provide an insight into who you are and what's important to you.
  • Ask him questions so you can learn what he thinks is important.

If you pay attention during a conversation, there's a lot that can be achieved. You can:

  • Reveal yourself.
  • Discover him.
  • Connect.

7) Show Him You Make A Great Team

We all love being part of a great team. It makes us winners, and achievers. Whether it is at home, at work, at sport or just achieving a specific goal, everyone wants to be on the winning team.

If you can show a guy you like that you make a great team, he'll want more of it. And he'll want more of you.

There's lots of ways you can appeal to a man's head (and heart) and meet his mental (and emotional) needs if you work at building your team. For example:

  • One is a designer. The other is a builder.
  • One knows what they want to buy. The other helps them find it.
  • One hates using the telephone. The other enjoys it.

If you have abilities that he doesn't have, you'll make a good team. And if he has strengths you lack, you'll make an even better one. Every now and then, point out to him what a good team you make.

  • You both love to sing. Sing together!
  • You both enjoy sailing. Sail as a team.
  • Work together to achieve a goal.

For a man to want you forever, he has to enjoy having you around. Show him what a good team you make, and he won't want to let you go!
For a man to want you forever, he has to enjoy having you around. Show him what a good team you make, and he won't want to let you go!

Make a man want you by his side. Let him discover how nice it is to share experiences with you. (Don't try to take over. It is important to know when to step back.) Let your relationship develop naturally, and remember to continue to target his eyes, head and heart. That's how you make a man want you forever!

© 2012 Daniel Long


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