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How-To Let Her Know You're Ready

Updated on March 10, 2013

Communication Regarding Sex

He could walk up and be standing to attention at any time, or you could be lounging in your lingerie ready to pounce.

There are a whole host of ways to let someone know you want to have sex. She can let you know with a shapely leg bouncing to the tune of a favorite song in a four inch black pump. How, though do you let her know when you're ready to go for it?

You could first think about what you're wearing. I think a nice pair of black dress pants paired with a black shirt look fantastic on a guy with a nice dark tan. I could also go for the guy dressed in the tan pleated pants and a crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. What's also sexy is a guy wearing a pair of well-fitting jeans with the waist unbuttoned and a open shirt. You guys have got to think about these things in the middle of romancing a woman because believe me she's checking you out whether you realize it or not. Seeing you in the dim light of the room dressed like that brushing your teeth or something would be such a turn on.

Long before you get to the point where you're holding your toothbrush in any kind of dim light you've really got a lot to concern yourself with. Like, would she even want to come home with you? Your job is to put your best self forward See how she likes you. That you may not know right away. The point here is that you've got to go through with whatever plan you have regardless of what she might do. You just don't know.

You could start with what's most important, like getting something to eat, and having a few drinks. During that time you'll be able to talk and set the mood for the rest of the evening. You might give her an honest compliment, talk about some plan for the weekend, or just ask her how her drink is. Things will flow naturally. You'll be interested in knowing many things about her, and she will about you.

No matter what's going on or how bad things get you've still got to hold it all together. You've got to remain polite, charming, sexy, intelligent, and suave at all times. Then when you sense the moment is right, ask her if she wants to...If you're really brave, sweep her off her feet and whisk her away to a soft spot somewhere. Some kind of action must be taken.Your warm breath on her neck while you kiss her cheek could be the thing that works this time. On another occasion it might be a wonderful back rub that relaxes her so she feels like being physical.

Whatever your technique, stand by it. Work it until she knows how you feel. By then you'll have a good idea of how you'll be received. Hopefully you'll both be at the same level of arousal and things will work out.


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    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Some interesting tips here, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

    • lisasuniquevoice profile image

      Lisa Brown 5 years ago from Michigan


      I'm glad, you of all people, liked it. I really think the more a guy lets you know what he's interested in, the better things work out for the both of you.