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How To Stop Cheating In Marriage- Save Your Marriage

Updated on January 28, 2013

Cheating In Marriage Can Destroy Everything

How To Make Up With Your Spouse After Cheating? Relationships are taken for granit by husbands all of the time. Men have been cheating,flirting and leading secret lives for ever. But somehow when a woman is caught fooling around outside of the marriage the old double standard begins.

Why can't people work out their issues when infidelity happens without calling the marriage off and tearing a family apart? Why do people think that leaving a spouse after an indiscretion implies divorce?

When there is a family structure it is imperative that help is sought out to stop this practice that is tearing the family unit slowly apart. Breaking up will only cause more broken families and children. Commitment to keeping a marriage together is a job worth fighting for. Breaking up should never be an option except for extreme cases.

No I'm not crazy, I just think that some people are at the end of their rope and believe it's their turn to get even. Many woman cheat because they were being cheated on or taken for granted and can't or won't leave the relationship because of family or financial reasons.

This normally is a wake up call for the husbands involved. However many are so egotistical that they believe they have the right to cheat or retreat from interacting as a family member. Not taking responsibility for the dysfunctional household they created.

When the children finally grow up amongst this stress not knowing how to function in a relationship the cycle continues. This is why so many are searching websites and all asking "How To Get My Husband Back" or "How to Win My Wife Back After I Cheated".

Why is everyone bailing instead of fixing the problem? Better yet, why are people not taking precautions to prevent the problems before they start? If you know marriages are hard then take marriage classes before or after getting engaged and learn how to rebuild trust in the relationship.

If you want healthy children be committed to be the person you have to be to raise healthy adults. Change your attitudes and work on getting better for your marriage and family.

How To Get Your Spouse(Family) Back

  • Call a truce and stop all outside activities.
  • Forgive mistakes and never bring them up again.NEVER
  • Set up separate family time for family,couple,children.
  • Set up separate weekly time to discuss concerns, accomplishments &,events.
  • Take biweekly dates and (bi)weekly family outings to reconnect.
  • Family counseling.

Cheating is the most selfish thing you can do in any relationship. That is why it is called "Cheating".

Cheaters are playing a losing game. Do you believe there are people that have been cheating for years and think that not being caught means you've gotten away with something.

Well if missing out on precious moments and close relationships very few ever experience makes you happy. Then you've already lost and most likely will end up all alone before you die. People you cheat with don't stick around but family does. And money won't keep you warm and make you feel loved after you lose everything.

If you've considered cheating don't. If you are cheating stop. Somebody be the bigger person and pull your family together. Use the new time and money to enrich you and your families future.

I guarantee your family will be more loving trusting and much happier with you in it. If something is missing in your family and you can't put your finger on it, it is probably YOU!

You are not just cheating the family you are only cheating yourself. It may not feel that way now but later will always come.Don't cheat yourself out of the most beautiful life and family.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      @Ella- Thanks for sharing . It is established that cheating is wrong. I get that you know that, but know that you have also risked your health with many unknown factors.

      "I really didn't want to cheat" , "What I was missing", "He critizes and is negative all of the time" This tells me you may suffer from neglect and low self esteem. I am not a professional but I do know that there is a need for some serious consuling for you as a couple.

      If you can't discuss with your husband what you are needing in an emotionally safe environment it can and will in this case lead to cheating. (Not a cure! ) I hope Ellas experience stops others from making the misake of cheating. It will only cause more pain and confusion in the long run.

      Your relationship should be a friendship and partnership to a large degree.

      Thank you again Ella and Good luck in your future.

      Be good to yourself in order to give good to another.

    • profile image

      Ella is sharing free gifts! 4 years ago


      I have cheated on my husband I'm not proud of it I was weak and the guy was gorgeous and persued me He is younger I didn't really want to cheat but the attention the guy gave me felt so good . Myshusband criticises my looks and stuff all the time He is very negative person I cheated cuz i was curious if the guy could really offer me what I was missing . What I learned was that he couldn't Sex without love is nothing. It makes you feel dirty and ashamed and the guy couldn't care less about your pleasure. I never told myhusband because I vowed to mysefl Id never let it happen again and one stupid mistake to ruin the years we have built out lives and family together. He would never forgive me I appreciate my husband much more now I still feel really guilty and I may never recover from that stupid mistake. Never cheat Its not worth it

    • profile image

      Carlos ramirez 5 years ago

      If you rally love you"r husband promes him that it wouldn't happen againe ,is going to take some time bup keep you'r self away frome temptation you should know wich are the right people to just to have a friendship. Ps goodluck wish you the best.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 5 years ago

      It takes time to get past this type of wrong. But be faithful from this point on and don't harass your husband.You have to address the reasons why you cheated in the first place. You also have the hard job of regaining your husbands trust which can take years. Good Luck! Get professional advice if this relationship is important to you.These products can help if you can't afford a marriage counselor.

    • profile image

      Crystal 5 years ago

      I cheated on my husband and he wants me to make up and i have tried everything i could think of... Help