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How to get your husband to help clean the house

Updated on September 1, 2012

How To Make Your Husband Help You Clean

Getting Your Husband to Help You Clean the House

Are you fed up with doing everything in the house while your husband is on the computer or playing games? Most wives feel this way and today I am going to ell you why this is happening and why you haven't done anything about it.

If you are getting married it is very important to set some rules and compromise early on in the relationship. If not you will have your husband just do whatever you he wants to do why you take up the slack cleaning the house endlessly, day after day.

If you are a wife that is frustrated about this then I am going to tell you the secrets of what you have to do to make your husband help you clean around the house.

Ways to Make Your Husband Help You Clean

1. Stop doing all the work! If there is anything else in this article that you need to listen to it may be this one. Let's face it, your husband is automatically expecting you to do all the work if you have naturally built up the routine of doing so.

2. Create a set of rules and chores that can be equally divided between the both of you and stick to it. Don't ever do more than your spouse over time. Maintain the same routine of who does what in the house and you will see that your frustrations and disappointment will cease to exist.

3. Daily Reminders - Your husband will forget so you will need to remind him daily until it sinks in to his thick brain of blissful laziness.

4. If the reminders do not work, you may have to throw in the chores that have to be done with the reminders. Post it notes on the computer or game systems will help him realize what needs to be done in the house. So make sure you keep plenty of extra packets of post it notes because your spouse may forget again.

5. If your husband it as work, you can also remind him as well so it makes a proper imprint in his mind in knowing what to do when he gets home. This is by no means controlling or bossing him around. In relationships it is ok to do things together, especially if the both of you are career people.

6. When you get your husband cleaning, don't ever discourage him to the point that you feel that you can do a better job than he can. This may be the biggest turn off in husbands helping you clean. If you tell him this, he will automatically resume his previous state of blissful laziness and you will be back to square one.

7. If all else fails you can always get a maid, but sometimes getting a maid can cause more problems and issues in the marriage.

Marriage and Working Together

Working together in a relationship or marriage is always very important because it keeps the both of you in check to what needs to be done to maintain a healthy relationship that is free from frustrations and discernment.

If you leave things unresolved you will notice a build up in tension between yourself and the one that you love.  You don't want things to get carried away because someone didn't help you do the dishes or do the laundry.

You will automatically notice a difference in behavior and he will then appreciate you more when he knows just what you have to do every day to keep the house clean. You just have to approach the situation carefully and without arguing or fighting.

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    • Ardot profile image

      Ardot 4 years ago from Canada

      Hey rkhyclak, I do believe that a guy doing a crappy job at cleaning is intentional, I've done it! We're childish that way, it's terrible! I have realized however that it should be a shared responsibility and have dropped the childish crap. Now when I clean the house it is done whole-heartedly and with great intention to do a nice job. Not so sure it's done as well as my wife but I try.

      Hey antonrosa,

      Great hub! Hot topic (if you're married).

    • profile image

      bloodorange 7 years ago

      Fantastic. If you want to have a dirty house and a mad husband, stick to it. Especially if he's busy during weekends, or travels. Dropping the chores - yes, that's great, if you can bear a dirty DIRTY bathroom, and aren't allergic to mites.

    • rkhyclak profile image

      rkhyclak 8 years ago from Ohio

      AMEN!!!! FANTASTIC hub lol I especially agree with the not nit-picking his cleaning skills. My husband does stuff wayyyy differently than I would, and truthfully not as well as I would, BUT the fact that I'm getting help outweighs the fact he forgets to clean the drain trap after washing dishes!