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How To Be Attractive-Mae West Style

Updated on November 27, 2017
"It isn't what I do, it's how I do it..." -Mae West
"It isn't what I do, it's how I do it..." -Mae West

Facts about Mae West

  • Born on 8/17/1893, under the sign of Leo. (Leos are normally bold, passionate and independent.)
  • Died 11/22/1980 of pneumonia.
  • Unlike most actors and actresses in Hollywood, Mae West kept her real name!
  • Didn't make her film debut until she was almost 40 years old!
  • Voted by AFI as one of the top 20 actress of all time.

What Do You Think?

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It's about you, Sister! How to be sexy.

I hope you don't think this is another swallow hub about vanity and focusing on outward appearances. I'm not the kind of girl who wears five layers of makeup or has to wear the best designer clothes. In other words, Paris Hilton would not be seen with me. That's ok, because I wouldn't be seen with a such a self-absorbed, clueless woman.

The sexiest, most attractive people, in my humble opinion, are the ones who naturally ooze charisma and life. They boldly let you know, by both their appearance and personality, this is me, I'm sexy, and the heck with you. They also have a beautiful mind, heart, and soul.

Mae West is a great example of what I think is a sexy woman. She once said, "I never loved another person the way I loved myself." Self-love (ok, I know what you're thinking, get your mind out of the gutter!) is the foundation of being provocative. She also said, "I'm no model; a model is an imitation of the real thing!" In other words, she wasn't trying to be something she wasn't; she was the real thing, and men loved her for it!

Accept your body

First of all, do this for YOU. If you pleased with the weight you are, that's half the battle. Mae West had a ample, curvy figure (that she actually padded to make her look even more ample and curvy!) and men drooled over her.

Above all else, being sexy is accepting yourself and embracing you. By the way, anorexic is NEVER attractive.

Change your Hairstyle, haircolor:

Do you honestly feel alluring with your hair pulled back in a ponytail every day? Well, if not, chances are your man doesn't think it's provocative either. I suggest a new hair style, even a new color. Now, if you are trying to impress your husband or boyfriend, the change has to be radical. You can't get a 1/2 inch trim, change your color from light auburn to medium auburn and expect to floor him. Men don't pick up on subtle changes (unless you changed brands of mayo or ketchup). They need a extreme contrast to get their interest piqued. If you are a blonde, dye your hair red. If you don't like it, who cares, it will grow out! Being sexy is about being bold, exciting, and reinventing yourself once in a while.

Sleek, black dress

A simple black dress that flaunts black dress that shows nice curves= hot! Tight leather dress that has your figure budging out everywhere=trashy. Pick a dress that compliments your figure, and if in doubt, bring along a trusted friend to help you pick it out.

You don't need to spend a ton of money either. I've found some great and cheap dresses online and in thrift stores for between $12 and $20.

Reevaluate your wardrobe

Get rid of all the clothes that don't fit you anymore, that are out of style, or are just plain unflattering. Again, a friend's judgement could come in handy here; you could make a fun game out of it, like an episode of "What Not To Wear." One simple suggestion for a sexier wardrobe: replace your turtlenecks with v-necks.

Also, try to stick with colors that flatter your skin tone and eye color. I've found that I look best in reds, blues, and black, and not so good in white and yellow.

And most important: Attitude!

You'll never be sexy if you don't project confidence. Don't be afraid to make eye contact, and add a sly smile. It may be just the zinger a guy needs to become interested in you!

Go for it!!

And in the words of the bewitching Ms. West, "He who hesitates is a damned fool!" ;)


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