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How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Updated on July 18, 2012

If it works for royalty, why not for you? A little pomp might make yours a wedding of circumstance.

Prince Alois and Princess Sophie
Prince Alois and Princess Sophie | Source
Nahurito and Masako's Wedding was a liberating experience for thousands
Nahurito and Masako's Wedding was a liberating experience for thousands
Mohammed and Princess Salama
Mohammed and Princess Salama
The Moon's the limit : A Seoul-ful ceremony
The Moon's the limit : A Seoul-ful ceremony

This is the big day we've all been waiting for - why not go all out?

With so many people getting married so often, you may find it difficult to plan a wedding that stands part from the average white dress affair. Remember, nothing is beyond your supreme bridely being - a palace of princes, a gown that changes into a sexy bathing suit - anything is possible. Be Creative. Choose the bridal idea that suits you best, and, who knows, your wedding could end up on a newsstand near you.

Wedding Tip # 1 : Invite the Whole Country

When 25-year-old Prince Alois, heir to the throne of Liechtenstein, married Duchess Sophie of Bavaria in July of 1993, he made sure his party was bigger than this brother's had been. Not only did the prince invite all 29,000 residents of Liechtenstein, but he rounded up a few big shots, as well : the prince of Monaco, the grand duke of Luxembourg, the crown prince of Spain, and the presidents of Austria and Switzerland. The pope couldn't make it; he sent a note. A few passing tourists weren't sure what all the fuss about - the concerts and dances and fireworks - but they have a good time anyway.

Wedding Tip # 2 : Have your In-Laws Pardon Thousands of People on your Wedding Day

Although some critics are bound to say that pardoning 30,000 prisoners on your wedding day is opportunistic, you will most certainly make a good number of friends in the deal. Better yet, declare your wedding day a national holiday - as the parents of Japanese crown prince Naruhito did when he married Masako Owada - and you'll know that the whole country will be happy for you (and for themselves).

Wedding Tip # 3 : Get your Father to Spring for an Out - of- the -Ordinary Gift

When Solomon married the pharaoh's daughter, The Egyptian Ruler wanted to present his new son - in -law with something nice to mark the occasion. He gave the groom the entire city of Gezer - perhaps the largest wedding present ever.

Wedding Tip # 4 : Go for the Superlatives

There's nothing like doing things up big to gain a spot in the limelight. You'll be a shoe-in for celebrity if you can just top the current record for the most expensive wedding ever. According to Guinness, that would be the nuptials of Mohammed, son of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, and Princess Salama, who married in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in May of 1981. Their wedding lasted seven days, was held in a stadium built specifically to hold 20,000 guests. All told, the wedding tab came to $44 million ( give or take a million) - but, what the heck, it was worth every penny.

If you're short on cash but still want to set a record , you can always round up a crowd of single friends and try to top the mark for the most married at one time. The current stands at 20,826 couples maried simultaneously one August day in 1992 by Sun Myung Moon in Seoul, South Korea.( Another 9,800 participated by satellite link.) They did it all at once with a single resounding ye.

Wedding Tip # 5: Wear a Supersexy Wedding Dress

On her wedding day in June 1986, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Elle Macpherson wore a dress fashioned by Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaia. People magazine described her outfit as " a clinging white viscose gown that was a road map to some of the Click model agency's most valuable curves." When things got hot, Macpherson detached a few spare parts and voila! - her shoulder and midriff appeared. A little later, she stripped off a few more pieces and flashed a racy bridal bathing suit. It was so revealing, in fact tha when the supermodel saw her mom looking, she blushed.

Wedding Tip # 6 : Declare Yours the Wedding of the Century

This is a "can't miss" wedding opportunity : Cram 2,500 guests into St. Paul's Cathedral and make sure 700 million viewers in 61 countries tune in to watch on TV. After the ceremony, ride back to the palace in a gilded carriage and instruct the archbishop of Canterbury to grandly proclaim : " Here is the stuff which fairy tales are made : the prince and princess on their wedding day!".

Although the marriage probably won't last, everyone will remember your absolutely fabulous wedding, as they remember Charles and Diana's. And in these circles of fame and fortune that's all that really matters.

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