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10 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

Updated on June 18, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Keep Your Wife Happy
Keep Your Wife Happy

Marriage is a beautiful thing, isn't it? That special day when you stand at the altar with that beautiful person you have made a commitment with to spend the rest of your earthly life with, till death do us part. But this part of the marriage is just the beginning, it is the tip of the iceberg. Marriages stand the true test of time when each partner devotes a hundred percent of them self to make the other partner happy. In other words, you have to give your all and anticipate nothing in return. It is each person responsibility, (Husband and Wife) to ensure that they keep each other interested in each other and that the kindle of love never burns out.

But this two carries and unbalanced weight as most of the time it is the husband who has to ensure that his wife is kept happy. There is a saying which goes, "A happy wife will lead to a happy life". So how does a husband make his wife happy? Does he come home and tickle her arms and sides and hope that she laughs till her hair falls off? Or does it take much more work than that? Well, I can assure any husband out there seeking to make his wife happy that a few tickle now and then will not equate to his wife contentment. A Woman's happiness is not as simple as the happiness of that of a man. It takes work, more work and then even harder work. Let's take a look at some ways a husband can make his wife happy.

1. Give Her Compliments

Tell me, what does compliments and women have in common? They both go well together. Women like to be complimented now and then. They love to be told how beautiful they look in that gorgeous red dress. They love to be complimented and noticed by their husband when they have a new hairstyle or simply just looking stunning in a night robe with large hair setters. A compliment to your wife is like a reinforcement for passion. It goes into her consciousness and builds that confidence knowing that the man whom she has married adores her and the things that she does.

2. Take Her Out

It is funny how men go all out when seeking out the opposite sex. He will invite her out periodically to dinner or just to hang out and have fun. The problem most men eventually face with this is that they stop doing it as soon as the deal is seal and eventually become boring and complaisant. Reality check, your girlfriend who has now become your wife still expects to go out for dinner or just to hang out and have fun. She looks forward to those same outdoor adventures you shared with her when you were seeking her hand. If you want to make your wife happy, take her out every now and then. Get her out the house from the regular programmed routine and have fun. I am sure any wife would love and appreciate this.

3. Love His Children

Your wife and children look to you as the husband for love and support. Your duty as husband is to give what is expected. A man who has good bond with his children and shows them an abundance of love will always be respected, love and honored by his wife. This deep love for child creates a deep settlement and happiness within her heart knowing that the father of her child/children loves them with all his heart and will do anything to protect and make them happy.

4. Look Good For Her

Before marriage, the man will dress his best. He will always be well groomed and wear some of the nicest clothes topped off with some great smelling perfume. He may even decide to loose weight to be that ideal man his mate likes. Then after marriage he suddenly becomes Mr. Beer belly and doesn't care. He wears one shirt for the remainder of his life and sows up old socks and then wears them for a weak. He believes saving money is going to the barber shop less and buying cheap clothes is always perfectly normal. For all those husbands who believe that because they are married, they do not need to look good again for their wives. Newsflash! you are wrong my fellow men. As a matter of fact, now is the time for you to keep up that healthy body, buy nice clothes, get yourself groomed and sweet up with some sexy cologne. Remember, looking good for your wife is one way to keep the fire going. It makes her happy knowing that what her husband does for himself is the love for himself and for her. You will end up with a happy wife my friend.

Happy Wife
Happy Wife

5. Make Her Look Good

Which husband doesn't want an adorable wife? You can make your wife happy by making her look good. This doesn't have to be just an appearance thing. But you can say nice things about her when you are around your friends and hers. There is nothing wrong in worshiping the blessing of your wife a little. You can make your wife look good by supporting a healthy diet, and by encouraging her to wear good looking clothes and always kept well groomed. Husbands, let me say this and I hope it resounds in all men heads. Your wallet now becomes apart of her budget when it comes on to shopping for nice dresses, shoes, make up etc. You surely cannot make her look good without handing over the cash now can you?

6. Take Care Of Your Responsibility

Being a responsible husband is essential in having a happy marriage. Husbands must ensure that they take care of their half of doings and not allow stuff to be piled up until it gets too late and you find yourself in front of a marriage councilor. A husband in a marriage can have and should have several responsibilities. Some of which are; Bill payments, spending quality time with the children, doing house chores or house repairs, paying attention to your wife. As a husband, you have now taken on the wearing of many hats, from Comedian, to clown to nuclear scientist, to spy agent. Once your wife sees you manning up to what she expects of you, you are building the castle of happiness in her heart.

7. Love Her Parents

Husbands, even if you think it, don't admit it. Sometimes in-laws are very difficult to get along with. Especially if they never approved of the relationship in the first place. But it is your duty to reach out an olive branch to her parents and make genuine effort to show that you will love any extension of her. She will always note this great gesture and realize truly that you are a really kind and genuine person and this will bring an influx of happiness within her heart.

8. Communicate With Her

Communication is key for any relationship to stay healthy. The problem is that most men would prefer to drink a beer and nod his head instead of going into an in depth communication. Whether that communication is settling an argument or just deciding to come to any form of amicable agreement. Men will always choose the shorter route and try to cut the fat off long speeches. Husbands, remember that women are talkative species who loves the power of words. They think with their brains and also their feelings and that feelings must be communicated. Sit down with her, talk about sports, love, the neighbors dog, run jokes, let her laugh. Just get her chatting. She will enjoy it.

Happy Wife
Happy Wife

9. Make Her Happy In The Bedroom

You are her lifelong partner. You are her husband and her lover. You job is to not just make her breakfast in bed, it is to ensure that she is pleased and satisfied with your love inside the bedroom. It should not always be a slam bam thank you madam kind of tactic. But a love song, good wine and gentle kisses and long sweating kind of tactic. If you can make your wife happy in the bedroom, you have score major points in her book of 'Usefulness of a Husband.' Keep you body fit, eat right and practice to hold out. Once you do this, you will become the master of her heart.

10. Remember Her Special Dates

Come on now, how could you forget that it is your wife's birthday? That my good friend is unacceptable as a husband and deserves you not to be spoken to for a month. Remember, these are special times to her and you remembering these special dates means a lot also to her. Even if it means putting these dates in your phone and set a reminder one day before so you can always prepare for those special dates your wife holds dear to her heart. So never forget dates such as birthdays, Valentines day and anniversaries. Make her happy, remember dates.

A Wife is Now Happy

You don't have to stick to the list above. There are other little tit bits which you can do to make your wife happy. Things such as sending her flowers just for being her. Massaging her feet after a long day at work, or just cooking her favorite meal. Know her, love her and do your best to make her a happy woman.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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