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How To Make a Man Want You. Marry the Man You Want

Updated on August 11, 2013

Do you think that men want these girls around forever?

This may get you 24 hours of adoration, and then a pretty hostile brush off
This may get you 24 hours of adoration, and then a pretty hostile brush off

Make Men Want to Marry You

It may be easy to make a man want you for a short period of time, but it takes finesse to be the woman who men want to have around forever. Most movies and television shows these days do not portray the elegant and sophisticated lady types who always get their man, therefore the intelligent and polished ladies are becoming a thing of the past as young girls strive to imitate personalities and styles of what they are seeing in the media. Unfortunately, these easy girls who seem to be looking for attention any way that they can find it are the ones who find themselves asking their long term boyfriends whey they are going to get married.

To have an air of classy exclusiveness one must dress in classic clothes. There is nothing more appealing and attractive than seeing classic lines and colors. Don't think for a moment that by looking classic you will look boring. I promise you that if you wear sophisticated and feminine clothes you will be the one getting attention, while the girls sporting their tattoos, exposed pierced tummies, or a rubber mini dress will be viewed as the tacky commoners.

Nice polished clothes with an old fashioned quality will take you a long way when it comes to serious minded wealthy man. A hairstyle that is on the longer side and wavy to curly far outshines the stick straight look too. The reason for this is that waves are more flattering to most women's features than straight hair. Just look at the average beauty pageant winner. In beauty pageants the goal is to look ultra feminine and therefore the women strive to make their hair look full and wavy. A cascading mane of waves and curls is the ideal look for attracting men.

Your demeanor should match your looks. Feminine, soft spoken and reserved. Too many modern women try to show men how sexy and masculine they can be. Alpha males are not interested in a woman who talk like men and act like a love hungry animals after just three or four dates. He wants to believe that he is slowly winning over an elusive little princess with his charm and wit. Falling down into bed and then calling the shots is sure to chase him away quickly.

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Classic Look says Classy Lady

Win Any Man By Having Class

Be the great catch, never treat a man as though he is the prize. If you find yourself making comments and references about if he is every going to marry you, or what are you going to do in life if he does not marry you, then you have given him reason to believe that he is the catch and you will be lucky to win him over. Once you have done that, you have slowed momentum down in the process of your relationship and whether or not you are going places.

Think about the way you feel when a man who is something special pays attention to you. If you are impressed by a handsome brain surgeon and he gives you a little attention, you will probably feel more impressed by his attention than if you were to get a whistle from a common laborer on his way out of a Seven Eleven. Why? ... Because you see the brain surgeon as a guy who could be flirting with other women due to the fact that he is smart, successful and attractive, while the dope who is covered in dirt and walking out of Seven Eleven will appear to be a guy who is not doing very well, and perhaps can not even get a girl. Men have these thoughts even deeper than we do. If they are dating a girl who their friends admire, they feel proud and impressed with themselves, and if they are with what appears to be another clingy desperate girl, they will want to prove their friends that they can get shed of you instead of being suckered into marriage.

There is more to being a great catch than being naturally beautiful. Most men would rather have an average looking woman who dresses well than a beautiful woman who dresses in sweats. Take care of your appearance and be sure to pursue a life outside of your relationship. If there is nothing to you besides who you are dating, your guy will tire of you quickly. Something too many women do is that they neglect who they are and appear boring and shallow in the minds of the men they meet.

Pursue your goals and hobbies while you pursue your man, and things are likely to go down the road you are aiming for.

What Men Want

To be the best you have to have the guts to be different and today's typical girls are becoming trashier by the minute. There are many wealthy men who are actually being swallowed up by Chinese women because many Asian women wear feminine clothes and do not act manly in public.

I conducted a survey a few years ago asking men what they found attractive about these women and they all said that American women don't fix themselves up enough, and they don't place any importance on lady-like qualities. As it turns out many Chinese women who I have interviewed simply want a rich man so that they can collect on them and move on. In other words these women may not have actually been truly good quality but they knew how to fool the rich men and put them at ease in a way that American women missed. The did not go to parties and drink beer out of the bottle, use foul language, or walk out the door wearing old sweats.

Remember the calm, softness that you see in Marilyn Monroe can work for you too.

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