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How To Make a Marriage Work by Understanding the Differences between Men and Women

Updated on February 18, 2014

Women's Needs

It is common for a man to marry without knowing how to talk to a wife. Women need intimate communication. A woman has a sensitive nature. Some women go so far as to not like swears or overly sexual talk from a husband in front of her especially when there are other people around. This is well known by a gentleman, though. A gentleman takes extra efforts to please and make his woman comfortable and is well rewarded, I could say, in the bedroom with her appreciation. :)

Anniversaries and flowers are more important to a woman for specific reasons. These make her feel more an individual and she treasures being treated special and thought of.

A woman has physical or hormonal cycles and a man needs to be sensitive to her especially at these times; the two should work out a way to handle her extra sensitivity during those times by marking the calendar, and a man need not be arrogant and say she is less for it, for he also has his sensitive times, believe it or not!

A woman's home, children, and family/friends, also can become an interwoven part of her identity and she should not be discouraged to maintain these other relationships so long as they don't interfere with her married life.

When women's needs are not met, they retreat (flight) or turn into (fight.) If she runs, she doubts her self worth. If she fights, she's accused of nagging. So each partner should meet the other's needs as best they can.

Men's Relationship Needs Run Deep As Well!

Admiration is to a man what romance is to a woman.

A wife should concentrate on her husband's needs and he on meeting her needs. A man's needs are just as important.

Here are some of the differences between men and women to better understand how to meet each other's needs.

Mental and Emotional Differences

Women put high value to things like flowers and men put high value to her admiration and respect and listening skills. Women and men can differ in how long it takes to adapt to new situations. Major changes should not be made unless are both are in agreement in things like one accepting a new job offer that would require a move. Each should be patient with the other even in small things like planning a party or how often and where they will travel with friends and family.

Physical Differences

Women are more prone to faint or get weak because their blood contains more water than men's. Also women's hearts beat more rapidly - 80 beats per minute while men's beat 72 per minute on average. Women can also withstand higher temperature's than men because their metabolism slows down less and they can get chilly more easily.

Sexual Difference

Many men know that women can be stimulated even more by touch and romantic words and are often very attracted to a man's personality.

A man is often stimulated by sight first but not only. He can be more accepting when he finds her physically attractive but men also value intelligence highly as well.

Usually woman prefer lots of foreplay- mental and emotional stimulation, and it is worth it I can say, for the man to pay special attention, because she will remember and be more "generous" in the long run! :)

A woman who finds a man who is romantic and "in tune" with her body is lucky in my opinion!

Intuitive Differences

A woman has an unconscious perception of things- intuition- of which she cannot explain in words, where a man usually thinks out things logically, but each can benefit from the other by listening, and being patient with each other!

Sometimes a woman's gut feeling is dead on can benefit the man if he pays attention, as her paying attention to his logic can benefit her as well.

One last thing..

The Copyright of this book is 1960, so please bear with me as some of the information may appear old fashioned or out of date but it all depends on each individual of course. The above were just some ideas I found valuable and helpful to myself.

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Cheers to True and Lasting Love! Leave a Comment... thanks :)

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    • schoolgirlforreal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you very much, mr-veg and good to see you again!

    • mr-veg profile image


      4 years ago from Colorado United States

      Those are some interesting and well thought Advice !! Thanks for the beautiful read !!


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