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How To Mend A Broken Relationship And Get Back Your Ex

Updated on January 3, 2013

Tips To Mend A Broken Relationship.

How To Go About Fixing A Broken Relationship.

There cannot be many people that manage to go through life without experiencing a relationship breakup. at the time it can feel like the most painful thing in the world. You will be going through all sorts of emotions and your life will be in a turmoil.

It is a sad fact of life that people break up all the time but thousands do manage to work through the pain and come out at the other side with a stronger lasting relationship. No one can promise you that you will be one of the lucky ones but if you think that your relationship is worth saving and are prepared to fight for it, there are things you can do to put things in your favour.

Before you start you will need to ask yourself some painful questions:

  1. Does your ex want you back, do not put yourself through more pain if your ex has made it clear that they do not want to fix the relationship.
  2. What caused the relationship to break up in the first place? if it was something that your partner did, are you prepared to forgive and forget? if it was something on your side are you willing to change for the sake of the relationship?
  3. I truly believe that most relationships die through neglect, if your relationship broke up for this reason do you believe your relationship can be strong enough for it not to happen again? are you prepared to go the extra mile to make your relationship work?
  4. Do you really want to save the relationship because you cannot bear to be apart from your ex? or are you just afraid of being alone? being in a relationship that is not working can be just as painful as being on your own and having to start again.
  5. If you still believe that the relationship is worth saving and that your ex feels the same way Do Not Ever Give Up Or Give In until you are together again. There is an old saying that love will find a way: true but it does take work from both partners.

Still Together But We Have Had Our Breakups And Got Through Them.
Still Together But We Have Had Our Breakups And Got Through Them.

Who am I To Advice You On How To Mend A Broken Relationship?

Thirty Plus Years And Still Together!

Tips From An Old Soldier.

Do I qualify to advice you on how to fix a relationship? good question I have been happily married ( most of the time anyway ) for well over 20yrs but we did go through a rather long on off relationship before hand with numerous break ups, mostly my fault I must admit.

I had been married before and was reluctant to go through it again but Dawn must have thought that our relationship was worth the effort and was willing to fight to make it happen, do I regret it ? not for a minute. Perhaps your partner is reluctant to commit themselves just like I was.

Tip One.

If you believe your relationship is worth saving fight for it tooth and nail, do not let problems or pride stand in your way. I believe the most neglected three words in the English language are "I Love You " If you love your partner TELL THEM!

Tip Two.

Many people mistake being in love with being in need, make sure you want your partner back because you love them not just because you need someone in your life. Life in a failing relationship can be just as lonely as being on your own.

Tip Three.

The most important, if the most painful thing to take into consideration is does your ex partner want you back.It does take two to tango. Your ex may still have feelings for you but not enough to want you back.

Tip Four.

If both partners want the relationship to work things can be resolved quickly but it does require both partners to work at it. I am of the opinion that a lot of relationships fail through shear neglect. Work at your relationship and it will work for you, it can be hard work but if both partners are willing to talk things through it will seem as nothing con-paired to splitting up.

Tip Five.

If your friends and work mates are offering advice, are they in a meaning full relationship? or are they separated or perhaps divorced. Take advice from people that know what they are talking about. Find some one who is in a working relationship to offer you advice.

Relationships Long Term.

We celebrate 25 years of marriage in May of this year add on the fw years we were together before that and you are talking over 30years. Do I regret it? Not for a Minute, do we argue? ( not very often ) is Dawn always right? of course.

What is the secret of having a long relationship?

Make no mistake we do have our moments but neither of us holds a grudge any argument is soon forgotten. I Think that any relationship needs some give and take on both sides. Lets face it we are all different with different interests and we all need a bit of time to ourselves do not strangle your relationship by not giving your partner a bit of time to themselves to pursue their interests.


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      4 years ago


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I agree with number 5 do not let everybody get in your head with input on a situation. I've been going through a break up and me and him are having lunch to talk things out. I asked peoPle their opinions and they say so many opinions and they will have you jaded experiencing a bunch of emotions, over thinking and making a situation worse. Only ask people you trust , and pay attention to what kind of situation they are in.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thanks... I've been reading a lot of material with many conflicting messages but this was really simple and inspirational and what I needed to hear.


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